StartCoin Sponsor MMA fighter Gilberto Azteca Aguilar



by Jose Rodriguez

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Sponsor an Aztec Warrior.Gilberto Azteca Aguilar is a professional mexican MMA fighter.Needs sponsorships for his upcoming fights lets place a StartCoin logo

Gilberto "Azteca" Aguilar is a professional mexican MMA fighter looking to training, developing his skills and proving himself in USA and Canada. He has fought in Mexico and Brazil with a 13-8-1 record. He has fought most of the top fighters in his division in Mexico in various leagues.

He is looking for Sponsors to continue with his carreer and achieve his goal to being in one of the top MMA companies in the world.

I make this concept to know if the community would like to place a StartCoin logo in his clothing and banners.

Sponsorhip represents his most important income and lets him focus on training, diet, buying training equipment.

I currently have sponsor him for 3 fights with my Bitcoin Companies Unisend and ALTIS

Azteca Facebook Fan Page

Sherdog Fighter Profile (needs update)