Behind Bars Confessions - Angela Merkel



by Media Eye

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The only way to guarantee a Behind Bars Confession from Angela Merkel is to fund this project. Let's squeeze out her confession.

Behind Bars Confessions - Angela Merkel is the first in a series of short one minute animated parodies and confessions from the world of geopolitics.


We can make Angela confess to her crimes…..We are also busy squeezing the best confessions from Tony Blair, (Behind Bars Confessions - Tony Blair ), Queen Elisabeth, Prince Philip, Ian Duncan Smith, George Osborne, David Cameron and many more.

Satire Works

From exposing banksters to corruption in politics and beyond, satire is a very powerful tool we can use to break their image in the info war.

Animation Techniques

Animation can be fun to make but the techniques we use take quite some time and effort to professionally produce. We are making each episode in broadcast quality and will release each viral video on our MediaEye Youtube channel.

Thank you for investing and we hope you have as much fun watching as we are having making the shorts.

Sample Animation

Here's one we made earlier.... this is an example of the animation style we will be using to make this project (from our Youtube channel).

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