Bailout 2



by Sean Fahey

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Travel across the EU for a birds eye view of regions hit hardest by the spreading takeover of sovereign governments by investment bankers.


We are very excited to present to you, Bailout 2!

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Bailout 2 is a hard-hitting, mud slinging, social and political documentary exploring the Eurozone Crisis. We will travel across the Eurozone for an irreverent bird’s eye view of regions hit hardest by the spreading takeover of sovereign governments by investment bankers like Mario Draghi (President, ECB; former Chairman, Financial Stability Board), Mario Monti (Prime Minster, Italy), Lucas Papademos (Prime Minister, Greece), and Mark Carney (Governor, Bank of England; Chairman, Financial Stability Board)--all alumni of Goldman Sachs.

Along the way we examine how schemes like currency swaps disguise frauds that fuel the debt crisis, while rewarding bankers with more money and more power, while everyone else is told they must pay for this system with draconian austerity measures.

We will reveal how Bail-ins are a sinister mutation of Bailouts that are becoming normalized in the Eurozone (think Cyprus).

Mainstream media outlets confuse the EU Crisis, saying it is a crisis of Sovereign Debt. This is a crisis of sovereignty, period! Countries around the EU are quickly becoming brands for corporate and banking interests.


We will discuss how sovereign countries like Cyprus are using Crypto Currencies like BITCOIN as a way to take the leverage back from the crooks stealing their money.

The trip shows the cradle of democracy, Greece, now burned to a husk by financial technocrats, as well as Madrid (massive unemployment) Dublin (unprecedented housing bust), Portugal's failed state, Italy, where graft is how it's done, and Cyprus (confiscated customer accounts).


Bailout 2 will feature experts and celebrity/activists including Roseanne Barr, Max Keiser, Lee Camp, and many more!

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Before there was BAILOUT 2, there was BAILOUT!

Bailout is the tale of an unemployed Chicago lawyer who stops paying his mortgage to major bailout bank and enlists four friends (also unemployed) to join him in a Winnebago trip to Las Vegas. Their plan is tear a page out of Wall Street’s playbook and piss away the bank's money by gambling and partying their asses off. Along the way our gang discovers first hand how Americans have been adversely affected by the financial crisis, principally through foreclosures.8bfdf2bfeea30b8bdb0e95c55bf11315.jpg

The film shows how a series of frauds perpetrated by politically powerful banks is systemically eliminating America’s middle class.

Bailout is a social documentary that explores American anger with the Wall Street elites who survive and thrive on their cancerous system of bailouts, fraud, and political corruption that actively work in concert to destroy Main Street. .

The film features well-known personalities from both sides of the American political aisle leveling blistering attacks on the anything-for-big-banks culture that pervades all of politics today. Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, and Yves Smith deliver critiques from the traditional “left,” counter-balanced by MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Tea Party co-founder Karl Denninger, and Wall Street banking analyst Christopher Whalen.

Where is the money going?

We are seeking to raise $300,000 in support of Bailout 2. We will be traveling to 9 countries, creating a witty, hard-hitting, expose on the Eurozone Crisis and how it relates to the United States.

With such an ambitious project, $300,000 goes very quickly to travel, labor and equipment rentals to post-production costs (editing, sound design, color correction, DVD authoring), and marketing costs and festival submission fees.

It is a tight budget but we have made a competitive spending schedule to ensure the success and wide distribution of our project!

Qui bono?

So who benefits? It is our intention to widely distribute Bailout 2. Even posting a free low-res screener on YouTube.

We are passionate about educating the masses about the global financial crisis with the hope that we can impact lives and make a difference.

Bailout brought to light a series of frauds perpetrated by Wall Street on Main Street, Bailout 2 will serve to raise awareness about the Eurozone Crisis.

These Eurozone areas foreshadow the loss of national sovereignty lying ahead for the U.S. and the rest of the globe unless the ship is righted in the manner of Iceland, i.e., by consciously rejecting the Divine Right of Bankers and re-affirming the Rule of Law.