Combining biofuels and crypto-currency



by Karl Haynes

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Imagine biofuel made while cleaning up pig waste. Fuel from local sources, can actually IMPROVE the environment. Pay people with crypto, redeemable in FUEL.

There's a new way to make ethanol (alcohol) to be used as a fuel source.

A new line of equipment is able to take a wide range of products and turn them into fuel.

Under current industry standards, bankers decided that corn is the best way to make bio-fuel. The incentives are in place to destroy farm land, by growing corn, for fuel.

I propose a paradigm shift in producing bio-fuels...where we reward people for doing things that are good for the environment.

The West Coast of the US is a perfect market for this type of concept. We would launch an organization that would pay people in a specially designed crypto-currency. They would ONLY be paid for items that have been certified to IMPROVE a specific, local environment.

Here's are two examples, and each local ecosystem will have some sort of concept like this:

1. Mesquite - Mesquite produces the most ethanol per acre. It also improves desert soil, while using no water. The money printer/oligarch class decided to use desert land - in drought stricken California - was to plant almond trees and other water intensive crops. The water is almost free (to them), after the farmers sink a well. Too bad the water poisons the land and depletes the water turns a huge profit in petro-dollars, so no one questions it.

With this system, we would pay people a super large return for Mesquite, with BioCoins. The Mesquite IMPROVES the desert land that the billionaire class destroyed, and helps Californians get through more droughts.

2. Cat Tails - Cat tails can be used to clean up industrial pig poop. They can clean up municipal waste. And in the process, the cat tails produce more ethanol per acre, while cleaning up the waste.

Overall concept:

The idea would be to create a regional chain or coop, that goes up and down the Pacific West Coast of the US...along the NAFTA Corridor, we call Interstate-5, or I-5 for short.

We have the technology to track every gallon of ethanol created. There would be a web of local ethanol facilities, using products from various sources. Cities produce food waste that can be used, that would otherwise go into landfill. Rural areas would create project that improve their environments.

For ever gallon created, a crypto-currency is created.

The BioCoin can then be redeemed for fuel anywhere up and down the West Coast...or...they can be used to trade and barter for other resources. Once redeemed, it loses it's value, but don't worry, they will make more...

The experts that can make the production fascilities are at: