BitMari Zimbabwe Bitcoin Remittance



by Sinclair Skinner

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BitMari will use Bitcoin technology for Zimbabwean's remittance internationally. Reducing the costs of Zimbabweans in diaspora sending money back to Zim.

The Diaspora will be able to send bitcoin that will be exc

Current status: BitMari remittance is an incorporated company in the US, and is working to integrate with a leading wallet provider, whose information we cannot divulge at present.

Once completed, it will be available as a web prototype - with the aim to be operational before Winter 2015.

The BitMari team is in need of your support to spread the news about our story, Zimbabwe's potential and to further our momentum.

This crowdfunding project will cover our requirements for Zimbabwean remittance license and as payment to our in-house development team for their consistent hard work.