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by Rob Wilson

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Help BitScan bring the biggest categorised and mapped Bitcoin merchant directory to Android

My business partner Louise and I set BitScan up to promote commerce in bitcoin, by connecting bitcoin consumers with bitcoin businesses.

Our idea was to present potential consumers with visibility of the possibilities that bitcoin offers, consumers with a way of finding bitcoin businesses and those businesses with a cost effective means of connecting with their customers.

We set out to achieve this through 3 products; a bitcoin business directory, an e-zine that provides a vehicle for bitcoin writers to get their stories read and earn money for their effort, and a bitcoin marketplace where anyone could advertise products and services, for sale for bitcoin, for free.

Six months later we have curated the largest verified, categorised and mapped bitcoin merchant directory on the planet, a thriving e-zine with a growing stable of paid contributors and a growing marketplace that is set to explode with the introduction of unique trust IP that we are devloping with our partners.

We currently deliver these products through our website and an iOS mobile app that we launched just before Christmas. Despite a soft launch the immediate traction has taken our breath away. Website traffic is high and accelerating, 2,500 additional businesses have signed up already and referral traffic is starting to ramp up too as more and more BitScan users take advantage of our affiliate program to help build our collective picture of the new Bitcoin businesses, mushrooming around the globe. In the meantime, the iOS app is flying out of the App store and more and more third party bitcoin businesses are choosing to host our free directory widget on their own websites.

So far so good; consumers like the clarity and businesses like the access but unsurprisingly, calls for an Android version have been mounting and when Apple unceremoniously ejected our friends at Blockchain out of the App Store, we decided that we needed to act. We want to release an Android version of the BitScan app as soon as possible and we want it to be even better than the iOS version.

This has presented us with a challenge bigger than the coding of the Android app itself. Better means faster and this has demanded a top down revision of our site architecture. This work is nearing completion and the result will be the creation of a restful API which will service all calls on BitScan data more efficiently, whether they come from the site, widget, mobile apps or third parties. We're thrilled with progress to date but it hasn't come cheap and our resources are not bottomless. That's why we need your help, to push us up this last climb and deliver a product for Android that we can be proud of, and which gives bitcoiners the tools they need to connect through a slick, fast and robust app that helps all of us to take bitcoin adoption to the next level.

If you want to know more about our vision, mobile products or the value we think they will bring, please click on the video link where my co-founder, Louise, will guide you through our business and the benefits that your funds will help us to realize on behalf of the bitcoin community.

We've tried to put together a rewards package which true to the nature of our vision, offers value to both bitcoin consumers and businesses. We've certainly enjoyed designing our cheeky t-shirt! We really hope that you see something here that appeals enough to tip you into a pledge that helps us to deliver on our vision and move bitcoin adoption forward in the process.

In the meantime, thanks for taking time to explore this pitch. We look forward to reading and responding to any questions you may have.

Over to you...

Rob @ BitScan.