Chain of Conflict FPS alpha



by Brian Gaudinier

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Coin2's First person shooter

Chain of Conflict is being designed to be the worlds first all original First Person Shooter with Crypto Currency in mind from the ground up. I have tried to run this crowd fund, last year, and did not meet my goal. So I feel it is time to try again and show the game off somewhat.

Chain of Conflict Demo Link

Chain of Conflict Demo Link Lite Version


^ Outside the Weapons Armory in the Starting area. ^


^ The Church as I upgraded it to the new shaders of Unity5 ^


^ Stairing down at the ground to show off its detail ^


^ inside the church ^


^ an overview of the area, as of current time, Ammo Warehouse is the bottom left building ^

Whats New:

**Currently Chain of Conflict has been updated for Unity3D. 5.1.2. The graphics are alot better than in the youtube video. I'll have a demo to show this off with as well.

**Enemy Soldiers and Zombies are there to attack as well as other players, when multiplayer is functioning.

**Have added in new weapons and ammo, some new buildings, a few are incomplete(the buildings) at the time I am writing this.

**Working on getting the helicopter back in the game as some of its code was broke upon updating to the new unity. The Jeep also has to be added back in as well. Not a big deal though.

**All the graphics now look on par to PS3 equivalent.

Note: At the time of the video all of the buildings being used in the map for the current game were part of another area and I repurposed them.

Seeking Talent

This project is looking for the following skills and talent, to help with their project.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in getting involved, please first make a contribution and then you will be able to send them a private message here

Talent Skills required
Programmer C
Programmer JavaScript
3D Artist Blender, Animator, Mechanim, Unity3D