Crypto-Crypto 2015 North American Sasquatch Expedition



by Argentus Maximus

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To fund a 2 week expedition exclusively with Crypto-Currency donations to find and prove the ultimate Crypto-Legend - Sasquatch

We believe in the Cryptos..if you do too then let's do this together and make some history!

If you are a believer but still need "more"...then this is our proposal for funding an expedition that so far nobody else has conducted.

We are proposing a "Crypto-Crypto" funded North American Sasquatch Expedition in 2015.

By "Crypto-Crypto" we mean that Sasquatch is the ultimate crypto-zoological hominid in the history of the world, and we would very much like to fund a 2 week or longer expedition funded exclusively with crypto-currency. All proceeds will be used to fund our supplies, etc. as well as the listed rewards which you will receive in return for your generous donations of crypto.

Our goal is to not only prove once and for all the existence of the Sasquatch, the greatest crypto-mystery of our time, but at the same time to prove the power and dominance of crypto-currecy to all the nay-saysers and haters who still don't "believe"!

This expedition will hopefully prove that both of these "cryptids" are real and here to stay, once and for all.

We are currently researching optimal locations in the U.S. at this time as we do not believe in the concept of moving from one location to another over and over again. Moving around costs more time and money and we also believe moving around all the time diminishes the chances of finding evidence such as tracks or in making actual contact Staying in the same location for an extended period of time is the only way to go. So we're conducting tons of research to ensure we choose the best possible location.

Our philosophy is to find the best place we can choose with our deep research and then STAY PUT and hunker down for the long haul.

We intend to minimally inhabit one optimal location for at least a 2 week or longer time frame during this expedition as we feel this is the best way to habituate ourselves with the local wildlife including the Sasquatch population in order to obtain the best opportunity for provable results: contact and audio, photographic, video and physical evidence.

We are researching evidence of past reports as well as databases such as the BFRO website as well as reaching out to other experienced researchers and to those who have had credible sightings in certain areas of interest, and our criteria will incorporate best location, frequency of past sightings, as well as highest number of most recent sightings in order to determine our ultimate expedition location.

We may also have a contest for the contributors to vote for our 3 or 4 best sites for the expedition so that you all can vote on where you want us to go. That puts more skin in the game for all of us as to which site to choose because as all of us know, it's not easy to choose where to go. Ya kinda gotta be lucky! So we are going to look into having an expedition vote if we can do it. Seems cool to us! Hope you would like it too!

We are trackers and experienced in the "woods" of North America. We will be contributing more than a few thousand dollars of our own as well as using all our own personal equipment for camping, videoing, food, etc. on this expedition. But we need to purchase more supplies to make this work...and that's where you all come in.

We have personal video cameras and trail cameras...but not enough. We do not have top notch audio gathering equipment in order to pick up high quality audio "calls" and sounds which Sasquatch is known very well to make out in the woods in the middle of the night. A couple parabolic microphone devices would be excellent to have. Several more trail cams as well.

We would like to incorporate FLIR for night sighting and think we've found a very good and inexpensive FLIR device that attaches to a smart phone with an app which only costs a couple hundred dollars compared to the bigger devices which can be thousands. So with this FLIR device we are thinking of purchasing 4 or 5 of these so that we can use them on our cell phones at night which will be an nice "extra" and also will be very inexpensive at the same time and could very well provide an excellent opportunity for night-time evidence other than just audio which would be well within our budget.

We would also like to have a GoPro camera for each of us. At least 4 of them. They are excellent for pics and videos and are extremely versatile in that they can be mounted anywhere and in almost any way. Especially on poles that we can walk and with harness attachments to our hats and bodies looking forward and behind at the same time. Backward mounted cameras are something most trackers don't use...and I always wondered how many times a Sasquatch has walked across a trail behind where a tracker has just past or driven and nobody knew it!

We will be able to contribute at least three to four thousand dollars of our own for this expedition, so your contributions will be in addition to our own. We are all in this together even if you can't be there in the woods with us.

Hopefully, once we see contributions coming in at a high enough amount we can estimate them to what we will be contributing on our own along with our own personal equipment and then we can start to get better estimates as to how much we will have and how we can allocate all our funds to the best equipment and supplies as well as how long we can stay in the location that we choose for the expedition.

Sound good to all of you? I hope so...and if so, please send us any suggestions you may have for us either regarding how we have set up this StartJoin concept or regarding our expedition. We will appreciate it and consider everything from all who contribute in order to make this not only cost effective, but to put our expedition in the best place ever possible to make this a crypto-success!

If anyone would like to join us then hey, that also would be great. We'll have to come up with a list of supplies that someone would need to bring with them as far as camping, food, any other equipment they might be able to bring like video cams, trail cams, etc., money, and your travel expenses depending on where you would be coming from, etc. But I think the more the better as long as we have a good plan together to make the expedition as successful as possible.

Not sure if we set this "Rewards" part of the concept up the right way...this is new to us and it's the first time we've used StartJoin to propose a funded concept. If it could or should be revised as far as the amounts contributed and how many can contribute, etc. then we will surely do it; just let us know how.

We only want to get the most people involved for the least amount of contribution per person so that we can reach our goal together and be able to credit a TON of you around the world in this awesome expedition.

We are open to any and all kinds of suggestions, so let them fly! I'm not sure how communication works on here, but it looks like you can "follow" us and I hope that means you can leave posts and we can reply. If not, then somebody please let us know and we'll set up an email address to use.

We set this up according the concept form, so we made it a 30 day concept before we roll it out as an actual funded proposal. We very much hope to receive a TON of positive feedback in every way possible so that we can make this go live and get it started.

Once we get it started and begin to receive contributions we'll begin to put together preliminary budgets based on supplies wanted/supplies needed and will post possible expedition locations.

If we get to a point monetarily that we can seriously start getting things going for a live expedition then we'll build an easy website for all contributors to log in to with a forum for contact, communication, suggestions, conversation, and any other posts. But it will only be for those of us you who have contributed, so there will be no outsiders, etc.

This is all just flowing as I type, so I hope this entices, intrigues, inspires, excites, and FIRES UP everyone who sees this.

OH! One thing I forgot to come up with until now when I was creating the rewards earlier. If we get enough contributions then I think it would be great to be able to provide for all contributors live webcam access to our camp and our hikes throughout the entire expedition. Cool, huh???

If we can get enough funding then we'll set it up for remote wireless broadcasting to a dedicated website throughout the expedition so that all contributors can log in and watch us 24/7 from start to finish. We'll do our best with that but it will depend on funds of course, so that might be the last thing we can fit into the budget as we add up what we need/want and what our priorities are according to the expedition needs. If we can fit that in we certainly will.

If any of you interested can provide info on the best and economical way to set something like that up the please, please, please let me know. I think this would be one of the best aspects of this expedition, and I'd really like to get some great input on that.

Please donate and we'll make this happen! Thank you for your consideration, contributions, and any suggestions you may have to make this a historical, game-changing expedition and StartJoin Crypto-Crypto Sasquatch Expedition Concept a reality! Thank you!