Tiger and Elephant animal welfare survival and protection project



by Andrew Davis

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As the world's population exceeds 7 billion, the needs and resources of the Earth's most majestic animals are are being subordinated to our human concerns.

As the world's human population exceeds 7 billion, the needs and resources of the Earth's most majestic animals are being subordinated to our human concerns, and their survival, welfare, habitat needs, and quality of life, are paramount and dire to preserve at this time...in fulfilling humanity's custodial obligation to care for our animal brothers and sisters as valid co-passengers on this spaceship Earth.

In Thailand there is so much real need for the basic help of these majestic and precious beings, both Tigers and Elephants that are wild or captive, are being injured or are dying daily, because of the lack of financial resources allocated for their benefit.

Any financial support to assist in their lives and general welfare is both crucial and rewarding, as a little support goes a long way, and makes such a huge difference to the lives of these humble and beautiful creatures, and literally saves lives directly.

Many times, Thai people and villagers will bring an injured elephant or tiger, or orphaned tiger cubs, to the local Buddhist temple, and out of humane compassion, the monks will tend to these animals to the best of their ability. However, more times than not, compassion is all they have to give, and the lack of any real and sufficient financial backing to actually respond to the situation that is necessary to save or immediately support the stricken animals,...and so then these animals are inadequately provided for and eventually are turned away and die.

It is important to convey that such a very small amount of money, well placed, is the very difference between a majestic Tiger or Elephant perishing, Or thriving healthily in a dignified environment, while also keeping these animals out of the malevolent bondage of human prostitution and slavery. Many times just immediate shelter, food, and medicine at hand can make the difference.

With my network base and connections on the ground here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I am in a unique position to enable many Tigers and Elephants, and other animals to receive directly 100% of the benefit from any pledge or contribution to go straight into maintaining and supporting the lives and futures of these animals one by one. And I am dedicated to preserving our kinship to these beautiful creatures of mother earth, and help restore the universal faith in humanity's arch responsibility to be the benevolent caretakers of this remarkable and glorious planet, as it is a cosmic living library of untold significance.