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by Sophie Ricardo

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Crowd funding my fashion forward photographic print business to try and get off disability benefits and go fund myself Starting with a pop up shop in Bath

Crowd funding my Fashion Forward photographic print business to try and get off disability benefits and go fund myself! Starting with a pop up shop in Bath! The merchandise will be my own designs from my form of therapy: photography. Items on sale will range from clothing and apparel, to cases for your tablets and phones. Or my incessant chatter which is free! I'm hoping to get people back to the high street and really engulf them in happy fashion vibes!

Planning a big launch party to raise funds with help of the gorgeous Wiltshire Poledacise girls, a photo booth, live music, a projector showing lovely images and film and of course sweeties. Fashion bloggers and consumers very very welcome!

I hope if this takes off to make it a permenent thing to start a chain with a website and if I can afford it to donate 5% into @RustyRockets Trews charities to help get the bureaucracy out of democracy and make Britain fairer for generations to come.

The Nitty Gritty

The money will be for the production of my line, marketing, infrastructure and shop overheads, rent, insurance and wages.

Words of wisdom for the day: "Fear is not the absence of courage, it's what you do in spite of it!

Seeking Talent

This concept is looking for the following skills and talent, to help with their concept.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in getting involved, please first show your interest and then you will be able to send them a private message here

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