Covering G7 and Bilderberg 2015



by Marco Verheij

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Support WeAreChangeRotterdam in covering the G7 and the Bilderberg Conference in Austria in 2015. Daily independent interviews and coverage of protests.

Independent media is important in making issues public that mainstream media does not. Since our start in 2012 we confronted many Bilderberg attendees, but also asked politicians about this secret meeting.

We covered Bilderberg 2013 in Watford (check playlist on our Youtube channel, including interview with Max Keiser!) and the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014 in The Hague.

Not scared of an in-depth interview, neither of a small riot, We Are Change Rotterdam is the ideal independent media platform to send to the Bilderberg and G-7!

Now we want to cover the G7 in Germany and the Bilderberg Conference in Austria in June 2015! We offer a daily report in English on Youtube! Suggests your own ideas for rewards!