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by Mark Krebs

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MemeSpeak is a Cloud based web app conversational social network system that turns text messages into speaking faces.

MemeSpeak is a Cloud based conversational social network system that turns text messages into speaking faces. The link to avatar faces engaged in CONVERSATIONS can then be posted to social networks, blogs or sent in text messages (e.g. WhatsAPP) in place of text messaging or text blogging. The system supports multiple language text inputs and natural language audio outputs in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic and Czech. Think of it as WhatsAPP, but with video messaging longer than 10 fact, potentially much longer because the video itself is not transmitted The system can support hundreds of thousands of concurrent mobile or PC video clients and/or creators. Viewers do not need to be members of MemeSpeak™ to view the conversations on social networks or blogs. Any mobile platform with an internet browser can use the MemeSpeak™ system. Globally, the website will appear in multiple Unicode-supported languages. The system can be scaled and hosted on Cloud networks to support 100,000's of concurrent viewers. The animations, created through text-to-speech on the MemeSpeak™ website, which has most of the features of YouTube, allow users to create the animations and connect them through dynamic "learning" playlists of textual (and emotional) memes (which are automatically hash tagged and progressively create a conversational social network ) – then, they are distributed freely among friends or members of any existing social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc – only the textual links to the animations are shared or transmitted. (In fact, any social network – there are even share icons for Chinese language networks/Baidu/Tencent/WeChat...can utilize generic avatar episodes or the novel MemeSpeak™ social network playlist pages can be embedded or transmitted to mobile users in place of text messages.) The meme tags are also searchable, unlike most blog commentary, through Google, etc. and evolve through SEO. The MemeSpeak platform system is already available on cloud servers for PC and mobile users at IPhone and an Android APPS ("memespeaktheapp" ) which interface to the cloud system are free and available on iTunes and Google Play. However, the APPS are not necessary for a mobile connection which can be handled through any mobile browser on any handset in all of the supported languages. MemeSpeakTHEAPP on Google Play and iTunes

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This system has been completely implemented. We need money money for commercialization/marketing...especially through social networks, Facebook, Twitter, news several languages.