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by Michael Cavaleri

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MyBitMine v2.0 is a major upgrade to the current game. We will build the new game on top of the RPGJS engine and completely restructure the payout scheme.

The Development of MyBitMine v2.0Alright guys, I believe it's time for a long waited update. Some of you are already aware of this change, but most of you had no knowledge of this. You might have been wondering why no update has been made to the site in a while. We have been working hard behind the screen in order to do a complete make-over for MyBitMine. Something I like to call MyBitMine v.2.0Please keep reading to understand the biggest changes and how you can help make this vision a reality!If you are too lazy to read this entire update, feel free to view this videos to get an idea of what MyBitMine v2.0 will be like. will update this thread as well as our crowdfunding page to keep track on the progress we make.How you can help make MyBitMine v2.0 a realityWell at this point I have to admit - this upgrade does not come for free and we will need all the help we can get. We will need a completely new website design, designs for the maps and custom sprites. Not to mention all the development needed - the new site has to be written completely from scratch. Now how will we be able to fund this big upgrade? One word, Crowdfunding.We have already been able to gather a couple of Bitcoin from investors and site profits, but we are still low on funds in order to achieve this upgrade. Now, the upgrade will happen no matter what. However, it will take longer for us to complete the upgrade, if we are unable to crowdfund this project. I will pay the remainder out of my own pockets, but I am far from rich and can not even spare 1 Bitcoin every month.How many Bitcoin do we need for this upgrade?To put it simple - we can't make this game a reality for less than 5 Bitcoin more than we already have gathered. Development of MyBitMine v2.0 will not be started until we are certain that we have enough funds to finish the project. These funds will go uncut to the development and design of the new game.Why you should help crowdfund MyBitMine v2.0There are a few reasons and incentives for you to help crowdfund the new MyBitMine.[✔] You love the game and want to see this become a huge success[✔] The payout rates in MyBitMine v2.0 will EXPLODE[✔] You (and your company/website) will be mentioned as a donator in our credits and hall of fame section.[✔] Early access to beta testing MyBitMine v2.0[✔] Premium Miner membership at the launch of MyBitMine v2.0How do I help donate to this project?There are a few ways in which you can help us and I will list them out below. Anything you can do, even promoting this crowdfunding project is a huge help and will help us make this game a reality as soon as possible!

  • Anonymous Direct DonationsThe fastest and easiest way of helping us make MyBitMine a successno coma here is anonymous donations directly to us. You can find our crowdfunding page belowno coma here or you can donate directly to the following address:15jJfLGQDbycqoSxoVSq1tiuFsjWTZNmKz
  • Direct Donations /w benefitsAlternatively, you can contact me if you wish to donate more than 0.05 Bitcoin and receive some of our benefits.The following donation milestones can be reached:+0.05 BTC - Early Access to the beta of MyBitMine v2.0 before release.+0.10 BTC - Premium Miner membership during the early beta of MyBitMine v2.0+0.25 BTC - We will mention you and your website/profile on our credits page+1.00 BTC - Get in touch with us to discuss large amount of funding
  • Our Crowdfunding PageAnother option is to visit our Crowdfunding page and help us fund the project through StartJoin.You can help fund our project using Paypal, StartCoin and Bitcoin.Visit our Crowdfunding page:
  • General help and alternative donationsFeel free to contact me if you believe you can help us in ANY other way. Maybe you're a web designer, maybe you have some spare DogeCoins or you might even be able to design the templates used in our maps. Who knows, maybe you have the exact skillset we need! We will of course give you credit for the work or time you help us with.Feel free to get in touch with me here or per e-mail on [email protected]

What is MyBitMine v2.0MyBitMine v2.0 is a major upgrade to the current game. We will build the new game on top of the RPGJS engine, which will make MyBitMine feel more like a real game. Our vision is to make this game the highest paying faucet, complete with awesome features, addictive gameplay and a competitive payout scheme. You will no longer have to wait until your Mine is fully upgrade until you exchange your Gold to Bitcoin. Instead, you will compete against other players for the big prizes!Please view the video here to get an idea of how the game will look and feel: are the changes from MyBitMine v1.x to v2.0?I will try and explain the biggest changes to the game in this section. Keep in mind that these are only the most important changes. Some of the old features will be removed, and some new ones will be introduced.Your old accountOne important thing to notice is that your old account, stats and upgrades will not be lost. Everything will be transfered to the new game. Now, some upgrades are not directly transferable, and we will give you Gold & Resources to buy the new upgrades as a refund for those you've already achieved. All referrals and account IDs will stay with your account, and users who are Premium Miner when we make the transfer, will receive an additional month of Premium Miner membership.The RPGJS engineAs you see in the video above, we will completely convert MyBitMine from being a text-based game to a browser based RPG-style game. You will be able to move around the maps using the WASD keys, while interacting with the objects of the game. You will be able to speak with your Workers, go to the shops and view their merchandise, and even go explore the inside of your own mine!Active MiningActive Mining will be very similar to how it works in MyBitMine v1.x. You will speak with the Manager of your mineno coma here in order to get your Workers inside your mine and start digging for resources. However, the St. Bernard Lake will be removed. Instead, you will be able to enter your mine and manually dig for resources by roaming around and interacting with the Ores.Round based & the Competitive Payout SchemeA lot of thought has been put into making this game profitable for all users, and making sure that everyone has an equal chance of earning Bitcoin. For that reason, we have decided to move away from the direct payout system, where you are able to exchange your Gold directly into Bitcoin. Instead, we will introduce a round based game with a competitive payout system.A round will last one full month, and the top players will receive a Bitcoin prize at the end of every round. This might sound scary to some of you, but fear not - you do not have to play 24/7 in order to win any Bitcoin prizes. In fact, we will pay the top 300 players in the game so your odds of winning are likely in your favor.So, how do we plan on paying the top 300 players? Well, we will divide users into 3 tiers based on their progress in the game. We will pay the top 100 users in each tier. Check out the payment schedule below:

  • 80% of prize money goes to Tier 1
  • 15% of prize money goes to Tier 2
  • 5% of prize money goes to Tier 3
  • In every Tier, 80% of their respective prize money will go towards the top 10 users. The rest will be divided equally amongst the rest of the top 100 players.

The prize money is funded by last months earnings. So the prizes will increase when the site gets bigger. The more players - the higher prizes!You might worry at this point, that the same 10 people will be the winners. This should not be the case, and we have decided to reset all the stats every 3rd round. We do this so that every player has an equal chance at winning, and to prevent the same players from staying in the top 10 list forever.Changes in UpgradesAnother big difference between v1 and v2.0 is the feeling of progression. When you buy an upgrade (like hiring a new Worker), this upgrade will appear in the game for you to interact with. When you are Actively Mining, your Workers will be roaming around the inside of your mine. Buying a Tavern (formerly known as Chamber), will place the building inside your Camp.The mechanism of upgrades will also be changed completely. Most upgrades will be time-based. An example of this is your Workers. Buying another Worker is not a permanent upgrade. Instead, you hire him on a contractual basis, and he will work in your mine for a set period of time. The same goes for buildings - they will break down over time and needs to be repaired if you want to keep them. The reason behind this change is also to prevent people from buying upgrades to reach the top 10 and then stop playing the game.

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