Mining out the Devil- The evolution of mankind



by Stefan Dyck

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How do you get 7 billion people to gradually convert to using bitcoin By creating a high quality tv-serial show focussing on the evolution that bitcoin offers

Mining out the Devil- The evolution of mankind will be a fictional tv-show published on Youtube.

The first season will consist of 12 episodes via 45 minutes.


The world has become the playground of two rivaling groups:

1. The lords of the underworld:

Control-Freaks and maniacs who control the whole world through fiat-money, military power and a cyber mass surveillance state.

While the world and nature is getting destroyed, those bitches drink whine and plan colonies on other planets, trying to recruite the most powerful brains of the world with their agenda.

Their Master-Lord (name can be bought via reward) is 1200 years old and has started the plan, to control the world, longtime ago.

2. Bitcoin-Entrepreneurs:

Ex-dogsbody of the Master-lord have decided 2007 to leave the evil plans of the Master-loard and have created Bitcoin.

People like Snowden, Max Keiser have created the resistance, will they succeed?

Main Character:

The main character of the show (name can be bought via reward) is a 28 year old man, who is in a relationship of the youngest daugther of the master-lord. He knows all the plans and was a follower, but on day 1 of the show, his girlfriend becomes pregnant, and he has to make a fatal decision.

In which world should his baby grow up?

The setting of the show will be worldwide and the language will be english.

With the funding, we can start producing in septembre and finish the first episode til novembre '15.

The production cost of one episode (12 days of shooting for one episode, 20 days post-production, 20 days pre-production) is approximately 25.000€, goal is to reach the break-even point of financing the serial-show through youtube after episode 3.

If we reach the goal of 500€, one episode will definately be published.

The show will be produced by OTB.Filmproduktion in Dortmund, Germany.

We really hope to have an impact with this show, and get people to gradually convert to Bitcoin, as neoliberal capitalism with fiat money is the worst idea humankind ever had.