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by Stefan Dyck

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Providing a website where people can buy equity on a micro-basis for upcoming movieproductions.

Funding movies has become increasingly difficult.

A shift in conciousness has to happen so instead of donating to filmprojects, investments on a micro-basis have to happen.

This has several huge advantages:

1. The financial redistribution of wealth, if a movieproject becomes succesfull goes back into the crowd instead of into the pockets of privat executives.

2. Full transparency to budgets, salaries, can lead to more trust into the industry, so less piracy happens if more people have their equity on stake.

3. A more viable, independant structure can develop.

4. The crowd decides, who gets sponsored, instead of a limited amount of producers.

5. Financial redistribution of success.

The website can become a hub for the worldwide movie-industry, also for presales, distribution companies, directors, writers to connect to each other.

This project does not constitute an offering of any equity. Participation in this project does not entitle any user to equity of any company. For in the future, where this platform is successfully launched, equity offered on the platform is independent of StartJOIN Crowdfunding

Seeking Talent

This project is looking for the following skills and talent, to help with their project.

If you think you have what it takes and are interested in getting involved, please first make a contribution and then you will be able to send them a private message here

Talent Skills required
Web Developer Creating The Website
International Presales Agent Connecting Us To International Distribution Companies
Producer Being A Head-Producer For Movies
Agents Of Netflix We Are Interested In Corporations With Netflix
Marketing Share Our Idea
Blogger/Youtuber Share Our Project