Renegade Genesis LP



by The Dead Reds

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We've got a new bag of Blues for the freedom movement. Welcome to the RENEGADE GENESIS.. Lets take this fight beyond enemy lines

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In times of crashes, collapses and perpetual conflict, popular music has been used to sedate the masses into a cultural malaise. Have you found yourself asking lately ... WTF happened to music?

Well look no more, we have been busy crafting our 3rd studio album and it's bigger, louder and blusier than ever. Here are some reviews from our last EP project on StartJOIN 'Last Stand EP'

"The Toughest-sounding thing to rock out of Brighton since Pinkie Brown started throwing his weight around, The Dead Reds are the Squad behind this Blast of harp-fuelled British R&B. There's a definite Touch of 70's Dr Feelgood in the Guitars, Gob iorn and vocals here, Which is a major compliment as not many have come close to that bands's intensity and genius , If anyone can get there, it's surely THE DEAD REDS....."

Blues Magazine

"Dark Before the Dawn a tight blues rock effort from The Dead Reds, proof again that talent isn’t always on the front covers of magazines or being interviewed by irritating fame hungry radio personalities. That may help as sometimes it is not what you know it’s who, The Dead Reds with this album is one to catch, one to buy and definitely one to see live."

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