StartWear - Crypto clothing and ceramics



by Crypto Lover

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T-shirt, hoodie, baseball cap, dressing gown, ceramic clock etc. StartCOIN Holdings Ltd family branded goods.

Thanks to my successfully funded project 'FREE Promotional StartJOIN Mugs' and the huge generosity of the StartJOIN community, I have been able to purchase a 5 in 1 Heat Press for producing high quality goods using a dye ink sublimation process. I would now like to take things to the next level by purchasing a vinyl cutter plotter and a range of Flex vinyls, which will enable me to produce high quality clothing using a different process than I used for producing the StartJOIN mugs.

I am offering a wide variety of goods as rewards which I hope you will find appealing enough to donate to my project. The goods I offer will contain a logo of your choosing from the StartCOIN Holdings Ltd family. Please be sure to select the relevant reward package when pledging, in order to save confusion later, should I achieve my funding goal. Please also remember to add an extra 5 GBP to the reward amount, if delivery outside of the UK is required, unless opting for the 100 or 200 GBP reward bundles which include free international postage.

I am positive that you will be suitably impressed by the quality of the items I will be producing, given that I am a perfectionist to an irritating degree. If you have a logo of your own that I can accommodate, then I will be happy to produce that for you on your selected item or items. If I become fully funded, I shall contact everyone for feedback on desired logos etc.

Whether or not I become fully funded, I would like to thank every generous soul who pledges to my project. May your lives become filled with warm fluffy love and orgasmic karma.

Kindest regards

Davey :)