The Dead Reds EP



by The Dead Reds

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Help us fund production of our next EP. With our debut album behind us and a full bag of new Blues licks, with your help we can produce our next masterpiece.

WE NEED YOU.. Help us fund the production of our new EP

Recording our debut album was an amazing and exciting time in history, although it was a challenge to find the fiat to do so, in fact we are still paying it off now.

For us to record another foot stomping masterpiece we need your help to raise the funds.

This EP will be bigger, better and more epic then our last project. Which will take some doing considering the review we received from @ManchesterRocks "A gargantuan freight train of blues and I'm sat here in the midst of a total eargasm."

So dig deep and lets do this!

The Dead Reds \m/