They, Them and Us



by Rachael Christopher

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An online lifestyle platform for the world based on equality and equity A platform for the people - by the people.

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Well, where do I begin?

At least once in all our lives we've maybe felt like we don't fit in. Be it with the latest fashion, our BMI, general interests or our gender. I want to create a platform "They, Them & Us" - a gender neutral site - run by a select panel of passionate bloggers.

"Take me back 10 years and one of my biggest dreams would have been to be a journalist. - I was obsessed with Gilmore Girls and I wanted to be JUST like Rory." - Rachael

This will bring that dream to life. For so long I've looked at sites like Cosmo and thought how it just didn't represent me - I couldn't find myself in this and the "self help" sections just made me feel worse about myself!

I reflected on how these "established online magazines" were all just printing the same trash and I was fairly certain they all had the same authors!


On OUR site - we want to have a vast range of authors who just want to have their voice heard or have a topic they just really need you to know about. I want this site to be one that can help balance the media and provide the next generation with a voice that isn't in monotone.

It's not going to be a feminist adventure - yes I am a woman and we do believe in equality but women aren't the only people who need to be treated equally! We are going to recruit a team of Editors who we can trust to help diversify the project.

Each editor will have their own section of the site to look after which will be easy to navigate for all users. The main categories will start with:

  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • The Arts
  • Sports and Leisure
  • World Issues
  • “Geek” Culture

However each category will span a range of sub topics - the possibilities are endless!

We want to be able to write things you want to talk about so will have a section for forum discussions and a place for you to submit requests for future content.

We're crowdfunding because we need to be able to fund the resource and programmes we will need to make the site professional, create branding and ensure it runs smoothly. We are investing in equipment as well as our own personal time and effort. We also want to keep subscription to the site free for as long as possible; as well as any webinars or events we look to host where possible.Check out our Project FAQ's and our Social Media Pages for more info on how we want to take this project further if we do get funded!