TREWS Edition StartCOIN Scratch Cards



by The Trews

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Make StartCOIN the Trews' own currency. We all know that StartCOIN is going to change the world.

Hello to our lovely StartJOIN community,

As I'm sure most of you would know, StartJOIN has recently introduced StartCOIN scratch cards with complementary StartCOINs, available at the Trew Era Cafe and several other outlets.

As cryptocurrency embodies all the principles that we, at Trews HQ, believe in, we want to make this the perfect vehicle to help people break away from conventional monetary and financial systems and promote change.

We are working on collaborating with StartCOIN to produce a Qty of Trews-branded scratch cards; we will make StartCOIN a true currency of the people, for the people.

We need your help with ideas, suggestions, support and mentions!

- Do you have any suggestion for the branded design?

- Do you know a perfect local outlet, outside of London, even the UK, for the Trews and StartCOIN?

- Are there projects that you think we can take up in the future to spread the love of crypto and socio-economic change?

- Help us fund this project, we need your funding support to introduce this beyond the UK!

Here's how we envision what the scratch cards may look like, and we look forward to your feedback!

Ps. London folks who pledge to the project, please come and collect your rewards at the Trew Era Cafe on 30 Whitmore Road, London. Thank you!