Mayors Chain a blockchain-based public expenditure management system



by George Galloway

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An implementation of blockchain technology for transparent governance and direct-democratic public participation.

'1.7 Transparency and decentralisation minimise alienation

How might alienation be maximally reduced? Clearly, by putting all power over goods-provision into the public’s hands. The public must completely determine the provision of public goods.

For public responsibility, this is a matter of putting under public control the decisions about how, when, who, why, and what goods are provided. To do so is to decentralise control, since it is placed in the hands of everyone. Attendant upon this is the necessity of providing verifiably correct or transparent information to remove the possibility of fears that misinformation could lead to individuals unwittingly acting against their own interests when taking responsibility.

For public interest, this is a matter of making it trivially easy to access any information about goods-provision, and equally easy to play a part in determining the provision of public goods. It is also a matter of making the information at hand verifiably correct, so that it will not be possible for whoever accesses it to have their interest impeded by doubts about the information’s veracity.

If being able to determine power over public goods is effectively a matter of complete transparency and decentralisation, then, complete transparency. With process of decentralisation reducing alienation, in principle, to zero.'

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From Concept to Paper

Making transparency and accountability the headline of this mayoral contention. We want to demonstrate the practicality of our proposal and how it is beneficial city-wide.

This paper will consult the public of this technology, its aims and implications.

Presenting the case to the Public, for the Public.

With this paper, we are going to change the current conversation.

We are going to present, comprehensively, what it means to have a fully transparent public ledger that reflects every detail in the running of the City of London.

None of the other contenders have managed to address the issue that is the opaqueness of how city hall operates. Not another contender has dared to poke the bear that is the laxness and the virtually complete lack of accountability of how billions of £ are being spent every year by the city.

London’s population should be benefiting from this degree of public spending, but in truth the majority of the city's population is failing to feel the benefits.

What this technology will do is put a tracker on every £ that is spent in the city’s name, and allow for the public to have access to this information.

The public ledger backed by a Blockchain will not, and cannot hide anything. It will do the job that the London Assembly isn’t able to. It will attack attempts at money laundering, and any nepotistic relationships that are putting people’s interest in jeopardy.

With the publication of the paper, we welcome the public's suggestions as to how they perceive this technology to directly benefit them.

Not sure whether to support the paper? Think about this,

Do you want to see full transparency in the finances, procurement and operations of the city hall?

Do you want to make sure that your tax money isn't going to waste?

Do you want this money to be spent on something useful and practical, for instance, a reduction in remittance charges, in communication fees, bette provisional for housing, SMEs etc?

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