African Youth recruiting Campaign



by Charles Gabula

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Over the span of the first year we hope to embark on a volunteer journey of helping farmers and communities

Our Plan: Over the span of the first year we hope to embark on a volunteer journey of helping farmers and communities to build a more self-sufficient and sustainable being. Around African communities are struggling due to lack of funds for labour and that’s where we come in! Farm owners and communities will be providing a space where will set up our camping gears; for exchange of the day to day labour needed to keep their farms running efficiently.

It’s our dream to travel the country and be a part of something that is bigger than us. During this we will be traveling to a variety of communities volunteering at numerous farms. We will be keeping a documentation to show the progress as well as an updated map to see where we have been, who we have helped and where we will be heading! We will also use the opportunity of recruiting youth and offer them training.

Preliminarily, we wish to name our group “StartJOIN African youth org“ - and as the patrons for this project we nominate Max Kaiser and Stacy Hebert as the driving force.

Here's what we want to do:

Following that, we are looking to work on improving the African youth and put them on par with the rest of the World.

The org will recruit 48 youth from all the 48 countries on the continent within the first year to train them and help turn their own ideas and business concepts into reality, and be able to create employments within their countries. They will be introduced to the StartCOIN cryptocurrencies and advised the benefits of adapting the StartCOIN for their businesses.

Within the second year we will introduce different ventures with the help of the StartJOIN community. Introduce the first StartJOIN mixed farming working together with StartJOIN and StartCOIN.


Volunteering will only be providing us with shelter and 1-2 meals per day, no source of payment.

By providing this volunteer experience without pay farmer can use the extra money for supplies and weatherization projects to keep their land safe!

StartJOIN family are all awesome we know you will help us make this dream a reality not only for us, but also for those we will be helping. We saw your effort last time around this time we are confident this project will reach its target.

What We Need & What You Get

Where Does The Money Go:

Car Stuff: The majority of the money raised will be going towards acquiring a vehicle for transportation, which will help to bring down costs. The average cost of good second hand large vehicle in good condition is around £7500 and gas per gallon in African is between £4.50 to £5.95 per gallon. Please bear in mind that a good second hand vehicle is hard to come by in our region, especially one that can conquer the roads we wish to travel.

Staff: We aim to have 3 organisers, who are in charge of identifying potential youth, to work with to set-up the the recruitment team. This will only be possible when we have the funds.

Unexpected Stuff: When traveling it is only safe to assume that something terrible and unexpected may occur so we will need camping gears to help when needed.

Food Stuff: While most hosts provide 1-2 meals per day we will need funding for food and water in between farms and where hosts cannot provide meals.

Other Stuff: Things we are hoping to get to live more efficiently while on the road such as a solar backpack for charging and staying updated, emergency first aid kit, toiletries, reusable bags, water purifiers and more!

The Impact

Farmers will be provided with 2 weeks to 1 month of free labour on their community land projects or farms!

With the saved costs of labour they will be able to make a bigger impact on the sustainability of their community.

Risks & Challenges

Maybe we will fail, but until we try we will never know, failure is not optional we intend to succeed with your help.

With a small budget we cannot reach all the farms and communities we would like. The money raised will help ensure that we will not need to end our journey early, the more funding we raise the longer we can volunteer and the more sustainable and educated we will become!

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share our page to get the word out that we are trying to embark on this volunteer journey!


This is just the beginning we intend to our success with the World.

This project belongs to the StartJOIN family; you will be invited to come join us on the road so you can have the experience. We want you to vision yourself waking up in the morning in an African village where you’d be experiencing a day to day African Youth life. That is what we are hoping to make you experience the real reality!