Bitcoin Fullnode Made for Africa



by Chris Ellis

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If you have been following the Fullnode campaign you will know that I am now in Johannesburg, South Africa and I would like to extend my stay to do more good.

After a recent landslide poll on Twitter the community said I should jump on the next flight to South Africa to meet Alakanani to give her the fullnodes that were pledged by you in the previous campaigns.


I will be meeting the lady herself on Thursday and hopefully another interview on the Keiser Report.

I do not break my promises! I booked the cheapest flight I could which saw me spend 20 hours of travel and now I am here and ready with my Fullnodes even testing one on a plane:


Problem: For me to be able to afford to get here I had to book a budget airline which means I have to leave on Friday, which is the second day of the conference when Alakanani will be speaking. I would really like to extend my stay and have booked a flexible return ticket it will mean needing to raise more funds to rebook.

I can pay for the hotel out of my personal money since it is not much more than it costs to rent in London but I will need help with flights and food expenses.

You're my boss, I am here to serve

I serve you. If you believe that I am doing something good here please support me so I can continue. I can help locals get in to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, I have already met a few Taxi Drivers who seem interested. I am also working on some open source software which will help them setup their own mobile payment gateways without the need for a centralised third party and in a way that is secure so that they cannot have their money stolen.

The Bottom Line:

I need to raise at least £500-£800 to extend the stay by another 4-6 days. If you like what I do and want to see me do it more then get involved and join in.