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by Rafael Useche

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We want to be the best alternative for people willing to sell their local products worldwide. Especially in countries with capital control, and bank bureaucracy

Destination of funds:

Funds will be used to design and develop an App to target unbanked countries, especially in Africa, Latin America, and Caribe. We already have our site up and running, however when we had tested our service in these countries, that become a major issue because people tend to use or exclusively use a smart phone to access the internet.

What is Bitglocal?

So what exactly is this funnily-named Bitglocal? ‘Bit’ coming from the increasingly used Bitcoin electronic currency is the currency used to make transactions on. Glocal is a combination of the global and the local. It brings people together in our increasingly globalized world. A seller may have a great product that doesn’t sell well in their home country but could have enormous potential internationally. Your product could be an amazing, revolutionary idea but quite frankly, without a global marketplace like , it could go to waste. The traditional marketplace can be so risky and complicated that selling your product globally may not even be profitable. You may need things like an offshore company, do offshore banking and escrow.

The fantastic thing about Bitglocal is that it’s an open and free marketplace and it eliminates the need for these limitations that only serve to hold small businesses back. It’s simple and fair. Fair in that sellers are connected easily with a large amount of potential customers and fair for consumers in that they’re able to find products that would be impossible to find at their own local level. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

How does it work?

Bitglocal is great. But how on earth does it work? What if you’ve never used Bitcoins before? The process is actually extremely simple and streamlined. If you have a product, you simple upload some pictures and a description to the platform and then people buy your product. The seller then confirms the order and the buyer makes a payment in BitCoins. Once the seller has received confirmation of the payment, they can go ahead and ship the product. The buyer then rates your product and service.

Wait, but it is similar to Openbazaar?

No, at all, Openbazaar is a great concept of a decentralized marketplace, I believe that developers behind it have made an excellent job. Actually, I am a fan of OB, however when you go to the streets, you could find the following situations:

1. Some people don't have the technical knowledge to keep running an OB store 24/7.

2. The Bitglocal target is local manufacturers, entrepreneurs or sellers that already use Bitcoin or not, sometimes understand Bitcoin it is difficult, so we want to keep it simple.

3. In some countries (Latin America and African countries especially) keep running an OB store could be expensive.

4. OB is a real open marketplace that meant you can sell whatever you want there (Guns, Adult content, drugs, and so on), however, some people just don't feel comfortable to publish their product besides that kind of products.


We have very special rewards for you, divided into bits:

Bit 1:

For $5, we sincerely thank you for supporting this beautiful project.

Bit 2:

For $10, you will appear as a supporter on the credits section in our landing page. (

Bit 3:

For $100, you will receive a Bitglocal sticker perfect for you car, laptop, business, or whatever you want to stick it (Only 1000 available).

Bit 4:

For $1000, you will receive a t-shirt (Only 100 available).

T-Shirt reference image:

T-Shirt Example

Bit 5:

For $10,000, you will receive an exclusive handmade hammock, please see link below (Only 10 available):

Bit 6:

For $20,000, you will receive one of the following unique art pieces (Only 3 available):