by Mario Stumpo

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BmyBit is a predictive analytics company specialising in the value of cryptocurrencies. It offers trading and payment automation tools for Coinbase users.

BmyBit has been developed to supply the demand of Bitcoin investors, equipping them to take advantages of all fluctuations in the price of the currency, hedging risks, and programming multi-beneficiary payments.

7xnW6VpC_UcYaBxa3l0bVXB_fBC3KazcEDNfXK1u main functionalities are in the Control Panel, the Alarm, and the Transfers pages.


The Transfers page allows the users to settle immediate and future BTC transfers with a multi beneficiary functionality.


The Alarm, which can be triggered by a wide selection of statistics indexes, allow users to follow the trend of a BTC investment. The Bmybit Alarm is intuitive and very easy to use.


The Control Panel page contains the exchange functionalities for BTC-EUR-GBP-USD trading; with real time statistics and indexes; transaction statements; automated trading functionalities; and forecasts.


The automated trading works in real time, and using statistical analysis and probability indices. It allows the users to choose within three different behavioural approaches for the trading sessions; to select the willingness to risk the funds invested in terms of percentage; and to programme an automatic withdrawal in case of reaching a certain trigger level of profit.

The trader will be able to switch off the automation at any time, with no restrictions from BmyBit. The trading statement displays the historic sessions' main scores, in order to keep track of the records.

Thanks to BmyBit’s automation, the user will be able to optimise his profits during the time he is not able to physically trade in front of his screen; to follow the historical trends; and to process multi beneficiary payments.

It allows the users to hedge risks, and monitor the profits with an intuitive and easy to use interface, and offers free help desk support on the BmyBit Facebook page.

BmyBit supports the Blockchain revolution providing a smart and intuitive tool, with a professional interface, allowing Coinbase users make profits even during their downtime.

BmyBit Beta Version

We have successfully implemented the BmyBit Test Version, and now we require additional funds to proceed toward the implementation of the BmyBit Beta Version that all of you can use.

You may find the necessary information about the service in the Rewards sections.

The funds from crowd funding will be destined to:

- enhancing our IT security (safety first!);

- the development of further web services (new tools and instruments);

- enhancing the legal security;

- investment in marketing the product.

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We will keep you up-to-date with our latest news about the project development through StartJoin, but you can also like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter to receive all the news and information about BmyBit.

We look forward to have you joining us in this exciting challenge of BmyBit!

Yours sincerely,

The team at BmyBit Ltd