Beyond The Rubicon



by doug lewis

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Beyond The Rubicon is a tribute album to our friend and bandmate Michael C. Ruppert who passed away earlier this year on April 13, 2014.

Mike Ruppert was a true American hero. As a former LAPD cop, he blew the whistle on a joint effort by the LAPD and CIA to traffic narcotics into South Central Los Angeles. His book, Crossing The Rubicon, published in 2003, remains in the Harvard Business School as the definitive text on Peak Oil. COLLAPSE, a wildly popular documentary featuring Ruppert followed in 2009.

At the time of his passing, Ruppert's radio show, 'The Lifeboat Hour', was the top-rated show on Progressive Radio Network, and ViceTV had recently featured Ruppert in a six-part series titled, 'Apocalypse, Man'. Abby Martin of RT News posted an endearing tribute


Mike Ruppert was a soul man. He could sing and he could dance. In early 2009 Ruppert teamed with musician/songwriter Doug Lewis, multi-platinium producer Andy Kravitz, and Broadway/television actress/songstress Kristen Vigard to launch the New White Trash, a Venice, CA music project. A trilogy was planned. 'Doublewide' was released in early 2011 followed by 'Age Of Authority' in 2013. At the time of his passing production for Beyond The Rubicon was underway.

Our intention, with your financial assist, is to finish the recording, mixing and mastering of Beyond The Rubicon then release it later this year as the final album of the New White Trash trilogy.

Note: The YouTube link (above) is Ruppert singing 'Avalanche & Earthquake', from Doublewide, a song Mike played weekly as his theme song on the Lifeboat Hour.