Coin Quest Dark Stakes



by Chad Crypto

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Coin Quest Dark Stakes is a 2d Platform Action RPG. It will be powered by crypto currency.

Hi I'm Chad, I'm the creator of Coin Quest: Dark Stakes.

The game is a 2d Action/RPG. It's powered by crypto currency. Players will be able to earn through defeating enemies, level bosses, treasure crates, hidden places and many more. There will be craftable items,weapons and armor. These in turn can be sold on the Coin Quest market place.

The story of the game puts you into the fedora of Chad Crypto. He is on the quest to uncover the mysteries of Dr.Satoshi. He has gone missing, which has caused a disruption in space/time. When lines are blurred between fantasy and realty. There is only one that can solve and bring balance back to the blockchain and the universe.

Chad Crypto is not alone in his quest, He will get help from many along the way. With the likes of MadBitcoins , and to the many familiar characters in the crypto space and pop culture.

This game is aimed for a pc and mac release. With possible IOS and Android in the future.

The funding I need is for a computer, which died on me on April 15th 2015. I did not make my goal last time on StartJoin. So I lowered it for the much needed computer. Let's hit this $750 usd. We almost did it this last time with $716 usd. I'm giving it 9 days, So I can get back to work on Coin Quest: Dark Stakes.

Thank you for reading and helping me on this quest.