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by Ken O'Keefe

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Lenny Sard

I just found out about this Keith, is it over ??? :(

Jun 29th 2017, 12:35

David Allender

If this is real (it'd be the first one I've found) we should work together. My name is David Allender and together with Peggy Star, we have created a foundation for change unlike any other. It's complete with it's own social network to replace Facebook which is censoring free speech and an alternative, digital currency to replace the FED. It also has an online voting system which begins with our first ballot with it's 12 initiatives. Check things out here

Mar 18th 2016, 16:35

Chris Pratt

Me again I was experimenting with comments and my typos and spelling were just sent live by accident. Any rate how about putting our tax dollars into a legal trust that is indisputable good -- in plain site of the IRS . Check out website let me know if I can help. Do you have a US management team?

Mar 17th 2016, 21:45

David Allender

Hi Chris, thank you for joining and contributing to our network at ! I would have joined yours but the button doesn't work. ? (we know all about bugs in programming though so don't sweat it!) I'll see you in the network here soon. There will be many newbies coming aboard when we begin doing the mobile ballot taking. Until we speak there or via phone (my # is 866-435-5632 or 509-670-3022) all the best and kudos on your knowledge base!

Mar 20th 2016, 18:15

Chris Pratt

My name is Chris Pratt and I am The Reluctant Activist I have a lot of media skills and I would like to help in any way I can - including financially. I do not have deep pockets but I love what you are trying to do. You are a great man. The world needs more like you. Never forget that denials are just delays.
One thing that troubled me was thta there were no specific intructions as to what one could do. Like: put the money into a trust for worthysss

Mar 17th 2016, 21:33

Philip John Covill

Greetings Mr. O'Keefe, I respectfuly and sincerely will help you, which is actualy helping the world. My sole income comes from a pension. Less than a thousand a month. I / we must wait till next month. I sent your YouTube videos to people I think will be receptive. I think that will help some.

Mar 17th 2016, 20:45

jeannine delaney

Hey Ken and team, I see we didn't raise the money needed by the deadline but I need to express that I hope you extend the time to raise the money, I don't want my money back and the only charitable organization I feel needs the most support right now is your cause. Please, keep pushing, we can do it. Thank you for your dedication and passion to creating a better world and for not losing hope!

Much love, always!!

Mar 15th 2016, 21:16

Matt Dean


Thank you for your commitment to make our world a better place for all of us and our children. I am excited to partner with you once again! I would love to be as involved as possible, so I’ve been spreading the word and I hope there will be more opportunities in the future to work alongside you, not just financially, but in any way that helps.

Thanks again brother. -TJP.


Mar 1st 2016, 11:07


You should have set this up as Flexible funding so if you don't make the 40k, then keep/hold the finds and try again and keep raising capital until you have enough.

Feb 29th 2016, 08:11

darryl walters

Hello good people, I'm on board with this project and have donated my last bit of cash to the cause. I truly hope to better myself each day, and to educate myself further. I will try my best to make the people I care about, aware of the shark pit we are currently living in. Apathy is strong among the masses though, want to use the creative skills I have to raise some awareness. Good luck with the project Ken O'keefe, you are an inspiration!

Feb 24th 2016, 10:27

Ken O'Keefe

Dear Darryl, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. There are no ongoing payments, this is a one time contribution only. If there are any problems whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will take care of any issues that arise. Thank you kindly for your contribution. TJP Ken

Feb 29th 2016, 05:20

Miles Ludy

Gave what I could. Hoping the conference generates some more backers. I'll be following closely for updates. TJP

Feb 19th 2016, 00:00

John Fanok

Impressive promo video, but i see no plan. I see you want money for "starting up" but I see no plan. What's the plan? Thanks.

Feb 13th 2016, 06:40


Portuguese and Danish versions of the campaign now also available.

Feb 9th 2016, 10:56

davide pacelli

do you need any italian version? best regards

Apr 14th 2016, 18:53

Tim Tom

Saw you on Jeff's show recently. Cool project wish I could give more but not at the moment unfortunately.

Jan 24th 2016, 22:20

Ken O'Keefe

Hi Tim Tom, thanks very much for your contribution. Sincerely appreciated. Very grateful for your supportive comments also. Will keep you updated on the progress of the initiative.

Feb 7th 2016, 07:10

Robert Brainarge

I agree with this Non Agression principle. Our people are starving. The heat bills are due and the Electrical bills are due and our servants continue in stripping of our wealth to bomb little kids and emasculate our families. This is why I choose to come up with my own game plan.

Jan 15th 2016, 23:13

Ken O'Keefe

Thanks Robert, we are all in this together brother. Let's keep pushing forward, and work towards a world based on TJP (Truth, Justice, Peace).

Feb 7th 2016, 07:11

Max Keiser

Will have to get you on Keiser Report to talk about this.

Feb 7th 2016, 12:55

Ken O'Keefe

Published on Jan 8, 2016

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"One-take O'Keefe" says it like is is - once again. We've endured a spiritual battering for some many hundreds of years, it is time this onslaught of lies, deception and manipulation end once and for all. The fact that we, as a species, have been able to transcend the tyranny is a credit to who we are. Participate, share this video, far & wide

Jan 15th 2016, 21:44