Covering G7 and Bilderberg 2015



by Marco Verheij

90% Complete


Marco Verheij

Day 0 Everyone thanks for supporting us Check our Youtube channel and The Corbett Report

Jun 3rd 2015, 10:14

Erwin Lensink

This is great, I support We Are Change Rotterdam to Bilderberg as well and in the past I threw a lightholder at the Day of the Princes in the Netherlands to get attention for the Bilderberg Meetings en their innercircle banksters, that have to be eliminated from they power and wealth

May 18th 2015, 22:00

Marco Verheij

At 100% already WOW This is amazing thanks to all our supporters

May 17th 2015, 20:59

Marco Verheij

Suggests your own ideas for rewards

May 17th 2015, 21:00

Grace Ma

Hi Marco, just want to inform you that we are looking into this now. Regarding the end date, would you prefer for us to reset your clock and have 60 days, or would you prefer for the project to end on 3rd June? Many thanks.

May 11th 2015, 11:37

Max Keiser

This is now funded - but let's try to add a few more to give these guys a cushion. We love WE ARE CHANGE and want as many WRC projects on Sjoin as possible.

May 17th 2015, 19:49

Max Keiser

Tell the WRC groups around the world - come here for your funding. We'll get it done.

May 17th 2015, 19:50

Marco Verheij

Thank you Max We never expected this We have a Startjoin button on our webpage too now

May 17th 2015, 20:57

Max Keiser

luke rudkowski is a personal friend and we support all he does and all that WRC does.

May 17th 2015, 20:59

Marco Verheij

Do not see my project anywhere on 'politics' or at 'newest'. Last mail I got was that it is in review. Wonder how long this will take? How else would the crowdfunding crowd get to see us?

Apr 28th 2015, 19:25

Marco Verheij

Is it listed? Davey Stewart? where do you see it?

Apr 23rd 2015, 20:26

owen neary

You just commented on it

Apr 23rd 2015, 20:28

Crypto Lover

Yes your project is listed. I am commenting on it's comments page right now :)

Apr 23rd 2015, 21:15

Marco Verheij

how do i list the project??? time is ticking away here....

Apr 18th 2015, 13:45

Crypto Lover

Click on Start (next to explore) at the top of the screen :)

Apr 18th 2015, 14:23

Crypto Lover

However, looks like you've already listed this project

Apr 18th 2015, 14:26