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by George Galloway

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mason W

Congratulations on running for mayor, I read your campaign letter and I think you are well-intentioned and know your city. Good luck with your campaign.

Apr 6th 2016, 20:02

mason W

Congratulations on running for mayor, I read your campaign letter and I think you are well-intentioned and know your city. Good luck with your campaign.

Apr 6th 2016, 20:02

garry durnford

Dear George! How surprised I am that you have so few detractors!...Try as hard as I may I cannot find contradiction, duplicity, malfeasance: And yet a politician you are! And the best god damn one in all of England!

Mar 31st 2016, 03:50

Jon Wright

Prat! A despicable showman concerned only with his own 'celebrity'. He has no chance of becoming mayor - look at the pathetic amount he has raised.

Feb 9th 2016, 10:26

Rehiana Ali

You do realise that this is only one method of raising funds...and not everyone wants to use Startjoin....

Apr 19th 2016, 07:55

Sarah Rapley

I tried to pledge but system didn't progress to my Paypal Account. I will try another time.

Dec 27th 2015, 17:27

Fred Dibner

Why on earth would you support a man who works for Press TV, (Iran's govt. mouthpiece) i.e. he takes cash from Iran, an Iran that rapes, tortures & hangs political prisoners, Sunni Muslims and Kurds? It is just sickening.

Nov 27th 2015, 08:58


surprised more support hasn't come for George on this. he has MANY supporters. they need to find their way here to contribute. even if only a fiver each

Oct 11th 2015, 14:54


that reminds me, when is the report troll button coming? Dov W has no karma, no projects, nothing backed, just here to spread poison and make personal attacks. reported to Grace

Oct 7th 2015, 16:28

Crypto Lover

Well said Guy mate. I imagine Dov will experience karma sometime soon :)

Oct 7th 2015, 16:36

Dov W

I and all those with a moral compass sincerely hope Galloway receives another resounding defeat in this election as he did in the last general election. His campaign of divisive politics and history of supporting far-right tyrannical dictators and regimes includes a catalogue of names such as Saddam Hussein, Iran, Hamas & Hizbullah to name a few, while he simultaneously demonises peaceful and noble causes such as the only democracy in the Middle East, the State of Israel, who's people continue to be a beacon of light in a dark corner of the globe.

Oct 7th 2015, 04:25

Simon H-J

Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thats a good one, Is that line is Hasbara 101 ?

Oct 7th 2015, 05:28

Crypto Lover

Dov, I think that kind of political biased rubbish is probably not suitable for a forum such as this. It is quite obvious where your allegiances lay. I would imagine that those that have been on the receiving end of Israel's tyranny would possibly disagree with you. However, please take your rhetoric elsewhere to a more politically motivated forum with questionable moral compasses, where you will no doubt be made very welcome :)

Oct 7th 2015, 09:07

owen neary

We all have opinions Davey. George did threaten a small local business in Bradford with closure during the last election. who does he think he is?

Oct 7th 2015, 10:25

Crypto Lover

We do indeed Owen, but this is a place to discuss crypto-currency and crowdfunding, not global political bias such as the only democracy in the Middle East, the State of Israel, who's people continue to be a beacon of light in a dark corner of the globe. There are plenty of anti-Islamic forums out there to spout that kind of unblana nonsense

Oct 7th 2015, 11:11

Crypto Lover

Also... how the hell can a globe contain a dark corner? Not only is it incorrect political bias, but it defies basic geometry.

Oct 7th 2015, 11:15

Dov W

It's extremely relevant actually. The public have a right to know who this anti-Semitic, Islamist supporting extremist is and I am just one among many Londoners would view it as a travesty if the man won - which is extremely unlikely anyway as most of the great British public are a bit less pea brained than you, fortunately.

Oct 7th 2015, 15:57

Crypto Lover

Well, I suggest that if Galloway does win the Mayoral elections, you move away from London so it will no longer be a problem for you. I might also point out that Semetic means (by dictionary definition) Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. In which case, how can Galloway be anti-semetic? My pea brain thanks you for your narrow-minded cooperation :)

Oct 7th 2015, 16:07

Crypto Lover

My apologies for my spelling. I meant, of course, Semitic not Semetic. Then again, what more can you expect from a pea brain? :)

Oct 7th 2015, 16:10

Dov W

I expected nothing more from you, rest assured :)

Oct 7th 2015, 16:17

Crypto Lover

Thank you kind stranger who knows nothing about me. Your words come as a great comfort. May Allah be with you my friend :)

Oct 7th 2015, 16:22

Simon H-J

Ah the old your against Zionism you must be anti Semite line, Davey don't get sucked in that guy opened an account just to spread hate, Hasbara Ziotrolls spend all day filling in comment section across the internet with hate and disinformation. You wait another one will join in soon, it's all the same blue print

Oct 8th 2015, 00:01

Crypto Lover

Indeed you're correct Simon. Such a shame that idiots such as that exist in society, let alone on here. His anti-Semite argument held no substance, as the term covers Arabs as well as Hebrews. Silly misinformed man :)

Oct 8th 2015, 10:01

arr 336

I strongly support , if your project for the progress to bring london together .

Sep 13th 2015, 06:52

Crypto Dude

Great idea and initiative, would love to see more candidates adopt this

Jul 13th 2015, 08:32

valentina armani

I have your back and have donated. I hope you get your place and target reached in no time.

Jul 10th 2015, 22:54

Paul Young

was just about to pledge but there's no startcoin option? ah well .

Jul 2nd 2015, 03:02

Rory Orr

Yeah me too, weird....

Aug 7th 2015, 04:40

Crypto Lover

It's because this is not a fixed funding project. It's a flexible funding project, which apparently does not allow StartCOIN payments. Shame though as I would like to have pledged in StartCOINs too.

Aug 7th 2015, 06:39

João Oliveira

I'm one of the people that donated and have been following this campaign. I'm very grateful for George Galloway candidacy for Mayor of London.
I'd just like you to note that I've headed to StartJoin and donations were either not working (in the first days) or the link was not suitable for donations (in RT interview).
Take a look at the link shared in the RT web site (
The link is and if you follow it you'll see that it doesn't lead to the campaign donations. It's very misleading. A redirect should be setup in StartJoin to follow to the campaign instead ( Hope it helps.

Jun 27th 2015, 23:53

Tommy Roberts

True. I tried to donate a few days ago but campaign didn't have a StartCOIN option. When I tried to send Bitcoin I kept being sent to an error page. I'll take another crack and see what happens. BTW, anyone reading this check out my CONCEPT or read my VIRTUAL LOVE comments on this feed. Hope to receive your comments 'cause being #IGNORED on #StartJOIN is boring.

Jun 28th 2015, 22:28

Tommy Roberts

Correction. Not on this feed. Read my VIRTUAL LOVE comments on the main feed...

Jun 28th 2015, 22:30

Jamie Scott

Have startcoin and want to support this project? You could easily your StartCOIN to bitcoin to help George with his campaign

Jun 25th 2015, 10:34

Tommy Roberts

Just now sent StartCOIN to ShapeShift's StartCOIN deposit address to convert to Bitcoin at this Bitcoin address. SJ's SC Wallet told me to click on confirmation link in my email but never received email in 11 minute window and transaction expired. I'll try again.

Jun 28th 2015, 22:52

Donald Maciver

If the transaction expires you need to send then a message in the corner and give them the transaction code. They were pretty quick sending it back. That was my first experience but it hasn't happened since.

Jun 28th 2015, 23:37

Grace Ma

Hey Tommy - assuming you've probably checked your spam mail. If you second try doesn't work again, let us know here and we will sort it out as soon as the office is in. All the best

Jun 28th 2015, 23:42

Tommy Roberts

Yes, second attempt expired also owing to my not receiving email. No, not in spam folder. I contacted both my email host and my ISP. Both performed tests at their server and both said their ends were fine. My ISP said it could be any number of servers between and that email is the most unreliable thing in the world which I didn't realise and makes me think it would be better to find another way to confirm transactions (even if only to mitigate being screwed with by fiat currency interests). Anyway, here are the withdrawals from my SJ SC wallet which I'm now short: Yesterday, 23:07 Withdrawal -87.75636650
Yesterday, 22:39 Withdrawal -83.88114443

Jun 29th 2015, 18:49

Tommy Roberts

Re: Transaction Code. I'm guessing Donald Mac is referring to a ShapeShift transaction code? I'm long gone from those screens and didn't even know there was a transaction code to look for because I'm reasonably new to this thing and there's a lot of numbers to be looking at and copy/pasting for addresses anyway. Only message I can remember was something along the lines of transaction expired or similar. Didn't know you can send them a message from the corner of this SS screen either. Thanks.

Jun 29th 2015, 19:03

Tommy Roberts

Lastly, wondering why the Withdrawals were made from my SJ SC wallet when I didn't click on the Confirmation Links in the Emails I did not receive?

Jun 29th 2015, 19:12

Grace Ma

Hey Tommy - I have looped Jamie into this as he needs to be in the know about any email mishaps. What happens when a withdrawal takes place is that it is withdrew from your account, but for it to go anywhere, it requires the confirmation via email. If you weren't able to confirm the request due to the email never arriving - the coins are in a pending state, which we will look into and have the system refund the coins.

Jun 29th 2015, 21:08

Grace Ma

The transaction codes are relevant for those who do confirm the withdrawal of their coins, but somehow lose track of them. The transaction code shows up in your 'transaction history' under 'my startcoin' as an ID. This will prove withdrawal.

Jun 29th 2015, 21:10

Grace Ma

I imagine in your case - there should be no transaction ID since confirmation never took place.

Jun 29th 2015, 21:11

Tommy Roberts

Yes, NO transaction ID's (although don't see transaction ID's for any other transactions I've done either although these were the first 'Withdrawal' transactions). I'll confirm when coins are refunded. Thanks Grace Ma.

Jun 30th 2015, 00:43

Grace Ma

Hey Tommy - good to hear, so coins are definitely not lost. We will also track them down via the system. Hopefully have some news for you within the day.

Jun 30th 2015, 09:52

Tommy Roberts

Hi Grace Ma. Wondering if there's any news on this yet?

Jul 2nd 2015, 15:32

Grace Ma

Hey Jamie is looking into the transactions made out of your system - we are not able to resend confirmation emails. Can you direct message me the email account you use for this StartJOIN account? Many thanks.

Jul 2nd 2015, 18:50

soraya der

what's that all about, with Startcoin? 'if you do not support me i do not support you' type of childish attitude. Startcoin, this isn't the way to advertise yourself. Perhaps a better solution would be to create a wallet for 'George for London' and get your community to support him in your favourite currency
bottom line,
money will be needed to fund the campaign and we shouldn't expect help from mainstream media.
time is ticking and help needed, just give if you believe George is a good man for the position

Jun 25th 2015, 10:30

Jostein Johansen

Agreed. It was not a conscious decision so it's ok. It's just that some of us prefer this currency since we have a fair amount of it, and that's what we usually use to pledge.

Jun 25th 2015, 10:53

soraya der

good, for if we are not part of the solution then we remain a problem. Hopefully this oversight will be corrected. Better Startcoin than paypal which has proved time and time again an agent of the corrupted system. In time we shall remember Paypal's position to wikileaks

Jun 25th 2015, 11:23

John .

Agreed as well I have already brought my Startcoin with Bitcoin why would I then want to convert back to Bitcoin possibly at a loss

Jun 25th 2015, 12:58

Crypto Lover

I too agree that StartCOIN is the preferred choice for this community to pledge with. I had a couple of reservations about George standing for Mayor of London, but have changed my opinion after hearing his intentions at the StartJOIN event on 22nd June in Hoxton. He has some great ideas and (as I know him to be) is very passionate in his beliefs. I hope he is successful :)

Jun 25th 2015, 14:55

Neil Gordon

I do think it is a real shame that startcoin pledging is not an option. I pledged with bitcoin via shapeshift in the end, but for a smaller amount than I was originally intending to (the conversion is wasteful and I didn't want to use TOO many of my startcoin just for an exchange site to absorb a profit)

Jun 29th 2015, 10:12

John .

No Startcoin no pledge it is as simple as that

Jun 22nd 2015, 09:13

Crypto Lover

If George Galloway does not have confidence in supporting StartCOIN, why should the StartCOIN Holdings community have confidence in supporting George Galloway. Also, pledge with PayPal now, have it taken from your account next year when you have forgotten all about it??? Hmmm... me no likey

Jun 22nd 2015, 09:46

Jamie Scott

It wasn't a conscious decision. Flexi projects don't accept startcoin.

Jun 22nd 2015, 10:45

Stephen Corcoran

Davey, the Paypal payment is taken immediately not in a years time, probably because this project is funded regardless it reaches its goal per the flexible funding terms in the black box.

Jun 22nd 2015, 10:52

John .

My understanding of a flexi project is that it still does not get the funds until the project ends but just gets all collected regardless of the amount, is this correct

Jun 22nd 2015, 10:55

Stephen Corcoran

It would make sense for a campaign fund to have access to the funds as they roll in.

Jun 22nd 2015, 10:58

Stephen Corcoran

Jamie as one of the founders of Startjoin I would have thought you could make a conscious decision to include Startcoin. Galloway 4 London can then make the decision to shapeshift to Bitcoin or FIAT as they see fit. I'm sure the project would be grateful for startcoin vs no coin at all.

Jun 22nd 2015, 11:08

Crypto Lover

Thank you guys for the info. If that's the case then fair play. Trouble is, if George does not make enough money to fund the campaign successfully, will he refund the pledgers? Of course not. That is why it should have been a series of fixed funding projects on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, to cover costs over the course of the campaign. If George needs 100,000 GBP to fund a campaign, what good will less than 100% do? After all, the 20,000 GBP he got from here to stand as a Bradford MP ended up a waste of money.

Jun 22nd 2015, 11:13

Crypto Lover

I think George is a good man with passionately held views, but I was very disappointed with his stance on the Scottish referendum, and I don't think he will get enough support from Londoners to become Mayor. I do wish him well though, and would probably give him my vote if I lived there :)

Jun 22nd 2015, 11:19

Max Keiser

If they attract £300 a day (approx.) they hit their goal - if not they don't. It's a LONG year ahead - and the costs are real regardless if they win or not. Breaking up into multiple items does not change that dynamic.

Jun 22nd 2015, 13:55

Stacy Herbert

Tell me, how much does it cost to run a successful campaign? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000. If he spends 1 million and loses, could he have won with 10 million? But anyway, the sheer beauty of crowdfunding it is that YOU the people who get to decide on whether to back a project. There is no StartJOIN central bank insisting that YOU, Davey Stewart MUST give to this project. You have spoken quote loudly that you are NOT interested in it. Thank you for your opinion.

Jun 22nd 2015, 17:27


Must learn from your mistakes, remember the Swiss Referendum and how Paypal freezed the assets, never go with Paypal, it's own by the same bankersters, learn from your mistakes, why give money to bankersters if not obliged

Jun 23rd 2015, 13:18

owen neary

No startcoin? :-(

Jun 22nd 2015, 00:01

John .

Ok can someone please tell me why this project does not accept Startcoin but allows Bitcoin even though it is not 100% funded

Jun 21st 2015, 18:14

John .

Also why is it flexible funding as it has been quite clearly stated that no project would have this status?

Jun 21st 2015, 18:23

Stephen Corcoran

As a guess I would say this is neither a concept or project but a campaign and so the normal rules do not apply. Presumably the logistics of opening this 'third category' will follow. Agree it is odd that sc is not a payment option given the audience this is pitched to.

Jun 21st 2015, 18:34

Stephen Corcoran

actually the logistics are clearly dealt with. I mean a little icon thing that is not a light bulb or rocket ship to identify the status of this will follow

Jun 21st 2015, 18:38

Stephen Corcoran

actually the logistics are clearly dealt with. I mean a little icon thing that is not a light bulb or rocket ship to identify the status of this will follow

Jun 21st 2015, 18:37

João Oliveira

Why do I get Sorry this project is no longer live. when I try to donate?

Jun 20th 2015, 22:37

Stephen Corcoran

this project has been relaunched and is now live

Jun 21st 2015, 18:08