The World Citizen Solutions Campaign 2.0.



by Ken O'Keefe

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Bruce Trahan

Maj Bruce Trahan ret USAF flight nurse and afghan vet 2002. Would love to have a conversation with Ken or? about my experiences there, and do whatever I can too stop the madness.

Nov 8th 2017, 20:14

brett casey

This was a fantastic idea!!! What's happened????

Jul 2nd 2017, 18:11

Peter Williams

Just found about this awesome cause! Will happily donate if fund raising goes starts up again.

Jul 2nd 2017, 15:02


I found out about this site couple days ago (07/16/17) we like to help & donate. This site should be exposed better. It is easy to get 1000,000 people @ $25 or more each with the right information & exposure...

Apr 17th 2017, 04:44

Nick N

i found out about this today (7/04/17) i would like to donate, has this project died or something, whats going on?

Apr 7th 2017, 14:28

Johann Tanura

Hello Ken,
Just found out about you and your noble idea on 19/Jan/2017, ready to donate for a chance of a better world together with other fellow citizens of the world, however; like many other individuals I'm unable to proceed with the donation as I am not a BitCoin user, Your reply with other methods of payment will be appreciated, thank you.

Jan 19th 2017, 08:39

G F Burnworth

I will be looking to donate soon, but as a debt slave to the Cabal, I don't have much to donate to anyone right now. I totally support the cause, and love what you are doing Ken!! Better hurry though - we are in a dangerous juncture with the KM being threatened!

Dec 15th 2016, 21:10

Connor Underdown

I don't get it.... Are we going to save the world or not? Is this happening? Or were funds not met and if funds were not met then why not!

Jul 13th 2016, 11:22

Elisabetta Pasolini

Please run another campaign, Ken! Lets get this going!
Liz 24 OH

Jul 11th 2016, 19:10

Manindra Tandukar

I support this campaign as well. least I can do.. being a part of something big I want to contribute as much as I can.

Jul 2nd 2016, 19:15

Wayne Love

I was really sad when I couldn't Donate! What happend? WE NEED This, Humanity is loosing hope!

Jun 27th 2016, 14:08

Robert Long

I would also like you to reopen to campaign. I just found out about it today and would like to pass it along to my contacts. I think I can get a lot of people to pledge.

Jun 15th 2016, 19:07

Lee Johnston

Please reopen the campaign. I only recently came across Ken O'Keefe on youtube, although been aware of like minded orginizations like the Zeitgiest Movement for a while. The message he is putting out is a powerful one and the more people get to hear about it the better.

Jun 8th 2016, 02:30

Greg Williams

I think this fund was just starting to hit critical mass, and then it closed. Can you reopen this? I didn't even hear about this until 3 days before it closed, which I found surprising given this is THE Ken O'Keefe we're talking about here. ;)

May 24th 2016, 20:31

Richard Nolan

Love your campaign, please open to donations again. You're the best.

May 24th 2016, 08:24

Gary Sorensen

Ken, I really want to donate but this is closed so where to now.

May 23rd 2016, 04:28

james reilly

would love to donate in any way possible iff there is another one

May 20th 2016, 21:22

Joanne Darassi

Where's the fund? I just heard about this. Even stopped the video midway to come here and contribute.
Thank you Ken. Many thanks. Best wishes.

May 20th 2016, 03:32

Tommy Roberts

Do you have somewhere else for ongoing contributions now that the campaign has expired?
I also have questions about your position on particular issues. For instance your position on Refugees into Australia and Europe? Of course this is a broad issue and specifics need to be addressed on a case by case basis but how do I give you the specifics and context and learn your position on it?

May 20th 2016, 03:14

Moe Al

I'd like to contribute. Is the campaign funding over?

May 18th 2016, 18:27

uzma abbas

My donation has been cancelled ...will the crowd funding initiative continue ? I would like to re-contribute. Please provide update

May 16th 2016, 02:17

Anna Deane

I can't find the Gallery for images of the t-shirt. Also, are there different sizes? Thanks.

May 5th 2016, 23:46

Luke Foster

Other ways to pay would help!

Apr 30th 2016, 05:16

renate summers

Got other ways to pay? This grandma dislikes paypal. They also fund wars against people

Apr 29th 2016, 22:58

Chris De Vreeze

If there ever was a time to lift the veil, it would be now. Wish you all the best, Ken.

Apr 21st 2016, 22:33

Darrell McCormick

The truth WILL set Humanity free. Thanks for all you do Ken. Happy to be a contributor. Bless you Ken.

Apr 17th 2016, 12:58

Frederick Shute

I don't see any contact information anywhere and am not sure if anyone is paying attention to this but this is my offer: Free Sterling Silver Intrinity pendant to anyone who contributes $100 or more.

Apr 9th 2016, 23:45

Terry Griffiths

I hope this idea works for all of humanity, I truly do Ken, humans have been blessed with life let them live in a reality we can be proud of!

Apr 3rd 2016, 19:35

garry durnford

Can someone please explain to me how to go about making a donation with a credit card? This option was available 2 projects previous....

Mar 31st 2016, 02:00


I also want to know? can't get stupid paypal to work

Apr 12th 2016, 14:17

Luke Miller

Micro-nations need to be founded, this insanity cannot go on any longer.

Mar 25th 2016, 23:08

arthur palmer

Just came to website today. Want to donate.

Oct 9th 2016, 12:43