StartCoin Crypto Tattoo Sleeve



by Konstantin Borisov

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Another weird crypto-propaganda project with Tatts

Hello there friends! It's Silly Cake again!

I decided to make WORLD FIRST CRYPTO-TATTOO SLEEVE with Bitcoin and Startcoin attributes! Actually having sleeves was always my dream, and today I want to START.


The last project was a little flash of my greatest plan! I should make it little bit better and now the time has come!

Purposes of this project:

As I already said in my first tattoo project, it's my dream to have tattoo sleeves... It's one of my life goals because it's my passion. Like skydiving or safari for other people.

It would be a great part of my RUSSIAN CRYPTO PROPAGANDA campaign. The future is with crypto and I want to tell all the people around me about it. That would be a really original way for that :D

I will create a YouTube channel with famous rock songs covers on a Ukulele :D Another baby dream – playing songs with tattoo sleeves on a little Hawaiian guitar at odd times. Sounds cool!

It's going to be on my left arm with existing world's First StartCoin tattoo, and it will be a complete composition. All the news with new sketches are going to be in the updates. Actually I've already made a StartJoin Whale on my right arm :D Just couldn't resist.


I've added another cool rewards for that project:

For those who will pledge over 3 pounds – I will send you a cool selfie with some warm words for you!

For those who will pledge over 10 pounds – I will send you a high quality PNG art file with original tattoo sketches of my sleeve and a postcard with the same image! Awesome!

For those who will pledge over 500 pounds - I will make a tattoo with Pledger's name (Chicano font). Fair. No kidding. Your Name. Only One Position.

Something Like this:


Tattoo master is going to be the same as on the first project – Roman “Halls” Zalov. You can find him here - he is always drawing something and he knows English very well ;) He is also the author of this PREVIEW pic with Me (left one) and Max Keiser (right one).

With and you my friends my life became really interesting and amazing! Now I have an opportunity to help people all around the world, I've started make things I really wanted to do like producing designer's stuff and translating sites! It's really cool! Now I can tell everybody that I've became much happier then ever with StartJoin community!

See you in the updates and comments!

Thank you,

your Silly Cake.