Eventual Source



by George Horbatuck

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Bringing back the look and game play from the classic age of RPGs.

This project is a video game with graphics and game play similar to those made during the classic age of RPGs (1990s). The title of the game is 'Eventual Source.'

The actual storyline will be finalized and laid out upon full funding.

Eventual Source will use a turn based fighting system.

It will run on Windows XP and Windows 7 using the SDL library as the source for graphics and sound.

Public release will be around 20-25 hours of game play. Actual results will vary upon funding and testing over the course of the project.

Will be made from scratch and templates saved for future uses if these types of games make a successful comeback.

Full funding of this project includes everything needed from story line creation, character development, battle programming, etc. all the way to the full coding and compiling of the entire game.The development timeline will be no more than 90 days from start to finish once funding has been received. The focus here is to not only develop a retro style game, but to also create templates to use to create more future retro style games that will have more community input into the development stages and aspects.

This is just a preliminary sketch of what the world map entails. Take note these are not the actual graphics.