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by George Galloway

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I'm George Galloway and I'm running for Mayor of London. Let me fight for your interests and make London that city for all.

A London for All is my theme, not just for those dripping with gold.

With more than forty years of political experience, and having called London home for over thirty years, I would like to ask for your support to help me win the Mayor of London election in May 2016.

For a London that works for you, the people, the life's blood of the city. A London that feels new and innovative yet doesn't let go of the tradition that made London the city it is today.

Please read my full campaign letter here.


My No. 1 priority is to resolve the housing crisis that now plagues the city. Eye-watering house prices and back breaking rents. Virtually no social housing built whilst thousands are sold off. The working class is being driven out of London. That will stop if I am the mayor.

I will work tirelessly to make the London Living Wage the minimum paid in the city - protecting the working people will always come first with me. We will protect London from the excess of the City - reminding the denizens of the Treasure Island that is the square mile that with great wealth comes greater responsibility.

Needless to say, to continue London’s impressive development and innovation, we welcome foreign investment, we welcome global tourism and we welcome a truly diverse, hospitable and participatory London. But we will do all this without foregoing the traditions and pillars that have made London a city in its own league.


To do this this, we will demand from Parliament - in which I sat for nearly thirty years - greater devolution of power for London just like the devolution I fought for in Scotland, Wales and the north of England. More Power for London, reflecting its contribution to national life.

Under my Mayoralty every year there will be a Battle of Britain weekend, a mix of solemnity and fun. 1940s street parties, dressing up, air shows, exhibitions, films and music of the era, a recreation of the spirit of the blitz. I believe this will bring all Londoners together, remind the young of a defining moment in the history of the country and of London and remind newcomers of the greatness of the London they are now an equal part of.

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