Local organic produce delivery



by Daniel Street

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The concept is simple, local organic produce sourced from within the local region and delivered to customers homes, fresher, tastier more healthy.

Go Organic Food Company has a vision of sustainability through ethical business practices which benefit the grower, the customer and the environment. This will be achieved through some simple changes that have a massive affect. Firstly the concept of sourcing your food locally is quite simple to understand, you reduce food miles therefore reduce the impact on the environment, however we want to make that extra step an use fully electric fleet to source the produce and deliver it to customers homes. Your pledge today will take us one step closer to that goal. the money raised here will go straight towards the deposits for state of the art electric delivery vans creating a cleaner world.

To conclude we feel very strongly as I am sure you all do on this site that we are all in the middle of huge change and a real awakening, the goal of the Go Organic Food Company is to reduce peoples dependency on the supermarkets, and give people a cleaner, safer and healthier option, for their food. We are a huge believer in local business and are more than happy to help anyone, as much as we can wanting to set up a similar scheme in their area. Think local Buy local, we vote every time we open our wallet.

Thanks for Reading,

Dan Street.