Help us produce Sean Hannity is an Idiot Billboards



by Sean Fahey

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So let's make Sean Hannity is an Idiot billboards and put them in LAX, and ORD

Sean Hannity has an honorary degree because he is a mental failure. He has no ability to speak for himself. Only bark what his owners tell him to. His vapid existence is the shame of our times.

Okay, enough poking fun .. the reality is, he is taken seriously by some. And that is VERY dangerous. People like Sean Hannity should not be allowed to have any level of credibility given to them, because they lack the moral fiber it takes to actually dispense knowledge.

Hannity is a sensationalist of the worst degree, in that he thinks he is reporting the news.

So we want to create billboards in an effort to champion free speech, artistic expression, and educational outreach.

Our plan is simple. We want to put billboards up in LAX, JFK, and ORD, that read: "Sean Hannity is an Idiot" .. it will have his face on it, so people from all over the world, in three of the busiest places in the world, can learn what idiocracy looks like. We want Hannity to be the poster boy for stupid; his image synonymous with dumb, so help people understand that this fool is not to be taken seriously.

It costs approximately $7000 for a billboard in each airport, for a month... we think one month is a good start. If we do not reach out goal, all monies, anything we take in, will go towards making sure billboards are placed in at least one of the three airports and somewhere in each respective city: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles ..