organic underground greenhouse



by james reilly

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i have the perfect land to start this project and start growing organic food all year round, it will be underground to give it great protection from de elements

hi there, I have a great place to start this project, I will be growing most types of veg and maybe some wheat grass which is great for your health when freshly juiced, If the community can help me get this off the ground or rather under the ground he he it would be great, my pledgers will receive samples of the veg that grows in the green house, the food will not come into contact with any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, its going to be a great learning experience for my kids, organic foods are far better for our health, I have been on startjoin since the start its has a great community, anyhow lets see what you think of this project I really hope it takes off thank you for taking time out to read this its greatly appreciated.