StartNode - Stewart's Pitch



by S T

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Looking to raise funds to get a StartNode to help grow the network.

Hi all,

I'm Stewart and I'm looking for funding for a node.Currently there isn't a project for nodes and even if there was, I would have to consider the cost.Sometimes in life curveballs are thrown and it's the case of trying to make an omelette with already broken eggs (you can kind of do it, just it's a little more scrambled).

I'm from Blackpool, yes the seaside town with Blackpool Tower.Been here most of my life and will be staying (until daughter moves on educationally!).20 years in IT, before the big old “R” (you all know the R word!!)

Why / How am I a part of Startcoin / StartJoin now... Well it was my Dad who pointed me toward Max & Stacy.He was always talking about this program called the Keiser Report, but it was nothing I had heard of previously.

There was always loads of discussion about Stacy's graphs (nothing like a good graph to show the state of a something (economy / commodities / other) and the amazement of comments made (especially toward the banks).There are some things that are real eye openers and I believe the program occasionally uncovers (or gives away a nugget) things that opens people’s eyes.Needless to say, I've been hooked now and have been watching (or catching up on) episodes.

On one of the recent episodes (episode 909 I'm from Goldman Sachs, and I'm here to help), Max waved around a StartNode and discussed getting one – I was intrigued and have gone the whole hog and got a wallet (currently updating and 32 weeks behind in the sync process).

So why am I creating a project for a node, well because I believe in the power of the collective and crowd funding, especially in something as revolutionary as StartCoin (and due to my omelette making analogy made before) and expanding the nodes.Also the fact I spoke to the (very helpful) StartJoin team whom pointed me to a project :) . Looking at Blackpool is not covered currently, so I'll be a first here on the Fylde Coast.

Running a node means that I can strengthen the network (especially due to running successfully on a Pi 2/3), plus you only have to mention or listen to the word "Blockchain" and hear how everyone wants to be a part (now seemingly the banks too), but at the mo - let the people be involved and grow the nodes.

If you have a few coins you can spare and send this way, I would be grateful.I also hope that within time I will be the one also funding others and helping them on their way for a node or larger project.Looking through some of the previous, there have been some great ideas.

I look forward to being part of the digital currency revolution moving forward.

Thanks all