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by mason W

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Fund education for student to attend an university in europe. Internet's first crowdfunded scholarship.


I have started a crowdfunding campaign with the sincerest hopes of successfully raising the funds I need to pay for my college education.

Your contributions and backing will constitute the internet's first endeavor to crowdfund the scholarship of a student.

My Background

I grew up in the southern United States and moved to New England with one of my parents when I was in high school. After high school, I attended community college in Massachusetts, where I attained my associate's degree and transferred to the University of Massachusetts Economics. I began by majoring in economics.

Whilst a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst I was not able to finish my degree, because of a set-back caused by an illness, and without the earning power of a bachelor's degree and no safety support to fall back on I could no longer pay for my college education and had no choice but to withdraw.

Umass Amherst


I was persuaded by friends and peers that a college education isn't valuable, that it is a piece of paper and that there are far better things to do with my life, but I simply cannot agree.

So this year, I applied again to a university near, where I grew up in North Carolina and was accepted. However, the financial aid and cost of tuition has left me with a prospect of not being able to finish my education again - here is where seek for your support.



My passion

Since I was a child, it was a dream of mine to go to college, I grew up down the street from one and I would attend class with my mother and be in awe of the beauty of the college campus, of the relax and ease which students carried themselves and in awe of knowledge which was conveyed. I remember while in class at the young age of 9 I would eagerly raise my hand when the professor asked a question and answer it. It was a dream that became established in my mind that went unfulfilled.

I think a very important question to ask and I can answer is what are my future plans and how will I utilize the full potential of a college education and make the best of it.

While a student at Community College I was a regular recipient of dean's list reward; while a student at Umass my GPA major in economics was a 3.5. I have a wide variety of interests and have ran for public office and won, worked for the president of a state senate, clerked for an attorney, worked as a teacher's assistant for the disabled, was a member of a prestigious private college investment fund, conducted an engineering project into wind turbines, received rewards and had my artwork displayed in shows and been published in student newspapers and a congressional newspaper.

My work as a student journalist can be found here:

All of my work and experiences, I have included in my LinkedIn profile - which you’re welcome to take a look and send me any questions:

My plans

I have many interests and while I love them all I was always oriented towards the practical and intended to pursue a career in law or economics or to continue my love of learning and teaching and become a professor. I have a year remaining to complete my degree and afterwards I intend to pursue an advance degree in Europe, specifically Italy. One such college is the University of Milan where I can major in political science taught in English.

University of Milan


It is my plan study International Politics in Europe and learn in person about European culture, literature and history.

I hope you contribute to my campaign and share it with others.

More Information:

How much is sought to be raised?

I hope to raise 15,000 dollars net, that is after fees and cost of rewards. The net amount would depend on the amount directly contributed and funds from rewards, ranging between 16,500(only contributions after fees) and 32,610(only rewards after fees).

How would the money be used?

The total cost to attend college in Europe would be 22,250 for one year. The difference 7,750 I will contribute from savings and working over the summer. 5,500 will be used for tuition and expenses at unca. 2,000 for travel expenses, 5,000 for tuition in Europe, 2,500 for other expenses including computer and initial room and board. I've planned for three months of living expenses. I'll work while living in Europe part-time as a translator.

What is the purpose of a scholarship?

The purpose of a scholarship is to fund the knowledge and learning of another. Some attend college to earn a higher salary, my interest in attaining a college degree in Europe is for the sake of learning. Scholars contribute to society by providing knowledge and enabling others to learn.

However today scholarship in the true meaning of the word is sorely lacking and missing. The world is in a state of flux and despite living in the information age, why and what things are remain a mystery. The value of truth and the purpose of knowledge has been forgotten.

I have taught myself and learned many subjects beginning with ancient greek classics, social sciences, art, law and economics. I examined both the things in themselves and the phenomena.

Attending college in Europe would prove to be an invaluable experience as it is the foundation of the western world.

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