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Lakhovsky was a genius that had the idea around 1920 that our cells were electronic circuits.

My project consists of buying a Lakhovsky Multi-wave Oscillator from this company www.multi-waveoscillators.com.

Lakhovsky was a genius that had the idea around 1920 that our cells were electronic circuits. Thus, he imagined an apparatus which could give the exact frequency to each and one cell in the body. He did cure cancers and other complicated illness. The company mentioned in the blurb is one that fabricates the Lakhovsky Multi-wave oscillator. I have been studying the work of Lakhovsky for a while and would like to purchase one of these oscillators to use it for any person that needs help. I do write my experiences on my web site which is here http://www.electrocolloidal.com. I have been using colloidal silver for a while now and have helped many people in the french community to find out about the silver bullet. My goal is to bring into existence one more time the Lahhovsky's work and specially help people to be healed with his technics. We are truely electromagnetic beings and that's what, a century ago, Lakhovsky recognized and demonstrated with this apparutus.

Please help me bring to life his work and foremost help people to be cured without any chemicals.

The web site here => http://www.multi-waveoscillators.com/ sells for around 6000 $ with the shipment to Europe France.

I will bring all my experiments with it on the web site http://www.electrocolloidal.com in french and if needed in english.

You could experiment by your self if necessary.

Please read one of his books written in English, you can find them at amazon


Yuo can start by reading the "secret of life" oe read about his work on wikipedia.


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