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StartJOIN is a new style of crowd funding technology. Using social media and crowd technology, we have created a launch pad for your project to progress. We introduced Concepts and Projects, so that you can showcase your idea at different stages of development, and get community feedback and support throughout.

StartJOIN lets the crowd drive the development of dreams. You can support the ideas you love by sharing, commenting, backing and offering your skills to help. This is crowd technology done properly.

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StartJOIN is about creative and passionate people coming together to achieve great things.

Will you make a difference? You can either create or support projects here at StartJOIN. Everyone has the power to succeed.

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Social Crowds

Traditional crowd funding was about lots people pledging small amounts of money for the collective growth of a project. StartJOIN offers more than just that; a platform that gives users the chance to grow an idea from the conceptual stage through to a funded project.

Sometimes it’s not just about money. People can offer skills and feedback to help develop an idea. StartJOIN is a social network, so it’s easy to keep up with your friends, influencers and the projects you’re interested in.

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Financial Support

StartJOIN is the perfect launch pad for your dream. You can share your ideas with a community that will propel progression, and reward your backers for their support.

We also provide weekly financial rewards to the most popular projects and generous users. If your project gains lots of social interaction, we will pledge too. We wanted to make project success as simple as possible, so we also take crypto currencies to allow for a wider range of support.

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