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by thomas sowter

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Find-a-physio is the first website in its type to bring together the general public and the physiotherapy profession.

1.1 Business summary:

Find-a-physio is the first website in its type to bring together the general public and the physiotherapy profession. Not only will the website enable the general public to Find and book a physiotherapy appointment it will allow physiotherapists in the UK currently 52,000 to enhance their Continuous Professional Development via learning portals and course searches but to explore job opportunities via the job portal.

You may be thinking, great idea but where will the revue be created from?

There are several revenue streams for the find a physio brand:

1. Advertising for clinics to be on the website.

2. Advertising for the clinics to be registered on the Uk’s First Find-a-Physio app.

3. Job and course posting on the website.

4. First aid and trauma management at sporting events

5. Booking/medical notes systems

6. Physiotherapy supplies/products

7. Health and fitness products

As you can see there are several revenue streams and this is without looking at exercise prescription videos, a national chain of physiotherapy clinics, local IP advertising for clinics, the option of being a recruitment agency or the expansion abroad.

From initial research over 11,000 people search for a physiotherapist every month. The average annual cost for a recruitment agency to post on a niche job board such physiotherapy is £4999, the average number of courses advertised per day across the UK is 280 per month and rough figures suggest that there are over 3500 physiotherapy clinics in the uk.

Initial conservative estimations suggest that potential first year income from website and app clinic registration, combined with job and course advertising alone would be in the region of £100,190. This is without any of the other products and any Onsite advertising that could easily see the projected £100,000 double in the first year. This is based on only a third of clinics registering with the website at a reduced cost of £29.99, and £59.99 for the app and only a ¼ of the recruitment agencies taking advantage of the job and course advertising.

The majority of costs for the business are needed to

A) contact the clinics and up sell to the website premium membership - £30 per year. less than one new patient a year so very attractive for physio clinics and/or the premium membership on the uk's first find a physio app.

b) make the website mobile responsive,

The projected income from the sales of the clinic will be in the excess of £30,000 meaning investors should see return for their investment within the first 6 to 12 months.

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