BeamOS - The next gen hybrid OS



by Zijads Rudzinskis

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BeamOS is a Linux inspired hybrid operating system, designed for various platforms, like i386 and arm.

About a year ago, i was working on a virtual OS with same features as in Linux. There were other similar projects, but i wanted to make something that both a new and a advanced user can understand. So thats how i made BeamOS 1.0. The first version of it was released in July 2015, it was quite popular, but it also was buggy, so i removed it. Now im working on BeamOS 2.0. You might ask: "What is the difference between other projects and this one? You can just install Linux in a VM and done!" Well, here is what BeamOS makes different:

BeamOS uses as low RAM as possible. Currently its 512Kb of memory.

BeamOS doesn't require to be installed in a VM. Its a programm that runs on top of a existing OS.

BeamOS is fully customizable. You can add and remove programs from it without affecting the system.

BeamOS is for everyone. It can be used for networking and servers, a tool for teaching basics of Linux, or for geeks that want to discover new things in technology.

If i get funded, i can:

Hire people to help me in my project

Buy required hardware and software for development

Speed up the development of BeamOS

Thank you for your support!