ProTip - Not Just Made In China Stage II



by Chris Ellis

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Hand made Bitcoin Fullnodes to support the decentralisation of the bitcoin network and ProTip fundraiser.

Hand made Bitcoin Fullnodes to support the decentralisation of the Bitcoin network and ProTip fundraiser.


"Open source is a subversive act when knowledge is controlled." ~Taylor Swift

We're back and it's time for our hat-trick. That's right, if we are successful yet again then ProTip could be the first organisation in Bitcoin's history to deliver on time and on budget 3 times in a row... in fact we might just be the ONLY organisation in Bitcoin (outside of StartJoin) to ever deliver on time and on budget at all but ahem we digress... : )

Remember this?

That's Chris, Chief Education Officer of ProTip working one of many 12 hour shifts live streamed to the world working for $3 an hour producing bitcoin fullnodes.

Many of you asked when will we be back? ... I missed out the first time, how do I buy one? Well fear not now is your chance.

Not (Just) Made In China - Inspired by Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds Exhibition

Built on the Raspberry Pi 2 the Bitcoin #Fullnode features the Raspbian Wheesy OS, an 8Gb boot disk, a 128Gb external USB and a sexy Tontec case with fan for cooling. Built by hand the Fullnode features privacy preserving open source software including:

  • - The latest Bitcoin QT 0.11.2 with the full blockchain preloaded on to external media.
  • - Tor service enabled by default to protect your privacy.
  • - GNUPG (PGP) for secure messaging
  • - OpenSSL
  • - OpenVPN for those living in regions of the world more sensitive to state intervention.
  • - IPFS, the new Interplanetary File System for the net. Allowing the p2p exchange of digital media, checkout their subreddit for more info.

This project is about empowering individuals. Full instructions on how to build your own fullnode are available on Github where there is also a growing community of fullnode operators.

Reach out to @MrChrisEllis on Twitter with your personal requests. If you just want to support the project without buying a device you can...

Donate Bitcoin here: 1ProTip9x3uoqKDJeMQJdQUCQawDLauNiF

All proceeds will be spent on ProTip Software Development only, not on marketing. To learn more about ProTip and look at it's open source code head over to

Bitcoin in Botswana

Thanks to your support last time we were able to raise enough money to start sending out Bitcoin Fullnodes to parts of the world like Botswana. Shipping begins in February. See the promise I made live at last year's Chaos Communication Conference for more info.


We already raised £210 for Alakanani, it's good but I think we can do more with your help.

We'd like to raise another £200 to get Alakanai and her colleagues setup with internet access to establish Satoshi Centre in Mogoditshane, Botswana. The centre will be a place for people to learn about Bitcoin, young and old and encourage local entrepreneurship.

This is why Bitcoin exists. We want Alakanani and her team to have stable internet access at home with a webcam and microphone so she can keep us up to date with her progress on the World Crypto Network.

One generous donor can help us achieve this but we also welcome donations of old cameras, smart phones, webcams, anything that we can ship out along with fullnodes would be much appreciated.

Contact Chris by email: [email protected]

You can also support Alakanani independently by sending her bitcoins to her bitcoin address:



But wait there's more...

There's plenty of swag in this second round. In addition to Fullnodes we also have limited edition Keiser Ethical Silver Rounds:


Made from .999 pure recycled silver these coins are graded by ANACS in the USA, and come with a digitally signed certificate of authenticity from Max and Stacy embedded in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Bitcoin Silver Wallets (bitcoins not included)

Now for one of our personal favourites. This troy ounce of silver comes with a difference. It's a DIY secure offline bitcoin wallet. Why not make your own offline wallet using your own Bitcoin Fullnode? Simply detach the network card and you're offline...


In fact if you order a silver wallet AND a Fullnode you will receive a free 4Gb Memory Card with the software you need to make a fully secure offline silver bitcoin wallet. Full instructions can be found here: and further videos and tutorials will be posted to the Fullnode Github.

What about the Tees?

It wouldn't be much of a crowd fund without the obligatory Tees now would it? Here they are in all their glory. Designed by one of Bitcoins top designers Louis Chang at Proof of Work.


The QR code on the back links to crypto puzzles that host prizes donated by community members to help non tech people learn about the technology that underpins Bitcoin and all information security.

Final thoughts

Remember this project is about inspiration and education. Sure you can plug in your fullnode and forget it, all the while it will support the network. But this is about active participation and together we can show these big companies entering the #DistributedLedgerSpace how it's done from the ground up.