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by Robbie Christiaens

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We donate our time, you the money. Rent a volunteer is a unique concept where you can sponsor us to do volunteer work. Help us so we can help them...

The last two years, we spend all our days off working as volunteers at the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica. The Jaguar Rescue Center is a non-profit organisation, that takes care of injured, orphaned and seized animals, in order to get them ready for release in the wild.

This volunteering work is much needed, because the center doesn't receive any government support, so they have to rely on volunteers and donations to continue their work.

Next year, we would like to give them something extra! We would like to quit our jobs for 3 months (without income replacement) and go help them for 12 weeks in a row. A dream that sparked an idea!

That's how we came up with the idea for Rent A Volunteer... You can support us for doing volunteering work...

We donate our time, you the money.

We don't ask money for personal expenses, just for our basic accommodations and our airplane tickets.

1. 1500 euro for our transport costs (train, bus and airplane tickets)

2. 1500 euro to rent a very basic apartment in Puerto Viejo (500 euro a month)

3. 500 euro to put up our rent a volunteer website, in order to thank our sponsors and to blog about the work we do over there. (we already bought the domain and set up a basic main page -->

If someone is willing to build this website for us, please contact us. In that case the extra 500 euro will go directly to the center!

4.Every single euro, dollar, startcoin or whatever curreny that's going above our 3500 euro goal goes directly to the center!

Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions. Feel also free to visit the jaguar rescue center website ( or contact the owners to confirm our story, they know us...

Many, many thanks in advance

Robbie, Debbie and the animals!