StartcoinStartjoin branding for rickshaws in Glasgow, Scotland



by mick mclaughlan

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I have a rickshaw business in Glasgow, the busiest shopping area outside of London. i want to brand at least one of my bikes in StartjoinStartcoin livery.


Rickshaws are a fun, environmentally sound means of transport and one of the best advertising mediums there is. Everyone smiles when they see a rickshaw full of happy people! Rickshaws are an efficient and cost effective way of spreading the StartJOIN and StartCOIN message in Glasgow and beyond. Most customers take pictures of their rickshaw ride which they then share on social media, massively increasing the reach of the campaign.


the above schematic shows the advertising spaces which will be utilised solely for StartCOIN/StartJOIN

The funds raised will pay for the branding of the bike and the advertising spaces for 1 year

thank you

Mick Mclaughlan.