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by Tony Caravan

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ROCKFLUX is a project spearheaded by Tony Caravan to present socially-conscious music, words and videos that hold up a mirror to the injustices of society.

ROCKFLUX is the brainchild of Tony Caravan, the author of four books, countless articles, songs, videos and you name it... The goal is plain and simple: to communicate the absurdities of 21st Century life and social injustice to as many people as possible through art.

This modest fundraising effort will help with internet-related and promotional costs for the next project. Visit our website at:

Visit my Twitter page at:


We also have a bunch of videos available on YouTube at:


I hope you check out our multi-media (including the many songs). With your support we'll continue the effort; and even if you can't contribute, please spread the word and links.

Thanks for your consideration!