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by Denis Strelnikov

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Help support a young russian rapper career.

Hello my dear friend! My name is Denis, alias Denstr and I am from Russia. I am 21 yo and I'm doing music for the last six years. I am writing songs. Genre – Rap. I just wanna tell you something about my life.


When I was a young schoolboy I wasn't very active child. I can even say – I was a withdrawn one. I didn't have any hobby. But when I was 14 y.o. I first heard Rap music - didn't even know what it was actually. Then I recorded a part of it on my “walkman” and showed it to the seller in the music shop with words “I don't know what is it but I need it” – that's how I bought my first rap album. Then with the power of Internet I was looking for any information about rap, I used to read a lot of information about popular rap performers, their lives, about the history of rap music etc.

It was a little but serious step in my life. I used to be literally “nothing” without any goals and dreams in my life and now I become man with no fear to appear before the footlights. Now I have dreams and purposes. I am always participating in different rap concerts, forums, contests and winning the prizes.

In my songs I am often talking about friendship, hope, love to each other, about of believing in yourself – the main thing in our lives – to remind people about it. And I am sure that you will feel my energy through this rap songs despite the language differences.

My project is about to make people just like me to believe in their-selves, to make people think like “I Can! I Will!”. I want to motivate people all around the world to make something worthwhile in their lives!


Last month I released my first EP album which is called “Household Dust” (“Bitovaya Pyll” in Russian). You can listen to every track here and learn something more about my music!

Now I need funds for making my second album and releasing songs on iTunes and other digital music stores. Thats why I need your help.

Every pledger will receive digital iTunes copy of my first album and 50% discount for the next one.

Also for those who will pledge 10 pounds and more – You will receive a CD disc of my next album with my signature + everything below.

Thank you everyone for your support!

and special thanks for Silly_Cake for helping with translation.