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by Konstantin Borisov

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From Russia with love

Hello there! It's me again!

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After meeting Max and Stacy we've decided to translate in Russian. Now let me explain why. Honestly the Crowdfunding in Russia is dead now. More precisely it's not born yet. In Russia there are only two kinda big crowdfunding sites - and - both were copied from You can see the statistics - for 5 years of russian there were realised less then a thousand of projects, meanwhile has today about 100 000 live projects. In Russia there are not so many people who can speak English well and fluently, so It would be really great for russian entrepreneurs who want to START something great on Actually a lot of my friends asking me - what is StartJoin? It's easy to explain them in russian but it's difficult for them to understand the English website. BTW Google translator is making things too "funny" for understanding. It doesn't work with russian language.

We are going to do:

- translate all the texts and entire information on the StartJoin;

- be involved in the future to produce real-time "translate" button for comments, projects and all the other interesting events on StartJoin;

- we will also creat a russian twitter acc and public page on russian "facebook" - to talk with russian crowdfunding community; has a great potential to become popular in Russia. And I with my team need about 2 weeks to translate the whole SJ into Russian. Put it bluntly we need this 200 pounds just for subsistence here.

That's how I see it in Russian:

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As a reward I decided to make a special ЯUSSIAИ postcard - special for everyone! It's going to be cool :D