Kim Dotcom - StartCOIN Scratch cards



by StartJOIN

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A one-off series of scratch cards in support of Kim Dotcom - freedom fighter for Internet privacy and founder of Mega and MegaUpload.

The Internet's freedom fighter - Kim Dotcom is probably best known for MegaUpload and its successor, Mega.

Back in 2012, we saw the shutdown of MegaUpload and the persecution of Kim by the US. They were then demonised by the State, Industry Groups such as RIAA and MPAA and the media.

We, as the public, are confronted with the struggle between conventional copy-righted productions & its infrastructures and the rapidly growing open source, common and mutual productions that rely on the Internet as a vital communications and development element.

Although treated unlawfully, Kim has continued to produce many more services for the people, including Mega - cloud storage and file hosting serves, MegaBox, MegaChat and the highly anticipated MegaNet.

' What would Kim Dotcom's MegaNet look like?' Cointelegraph

The combination of blockchain technology and the Internet spells lots of potential for new ways of data storage on this consensus system to say the least.

Following on the success of StartJOIN's and Trews' editions scratch cards: &

We would like to produce a series of cards that celebrates Kim's work. These cards will be available at the Trew Era Cafe, as well as at a StartJOIN shareholder event in London in June.

As well as putting crypto currency directly into the hands of the main stream audience, these cards also contain great collection value since it's a one-off production.

Below are some potential designs, if anyone has any ideas to snazzy them up, let us know...